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All hail Jeigan!
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Playing........and also going to school(but sometimes it really sucks),running,some other stuff,researching stuff for no reason and typing everything I know on a piece of paper and fire emblem
and I'm pretty sure thats about it
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Jul 10 2018, 08:19 AM
So its been forever since I've posted on this site (i think last time I was in elementary school and now I'm almost at the end of high school. crazy). Sooo yea, basically just wanted to check back with this site for the sake of nostalgia.

Not sure if anyone even remembers me but oh well. How are ya'll doing?
Mar 9 2014, 03:18 AM


More art to be added~
Open to any criticism about my art
Mar 7 2014, 06:36 AM
I just started just how to draw anime art. I'm getting better each day
What about you guys?
Mar 6 2014, 05:42 PM
I'm back!
If your wondering where I've been, I've joined some other forums and Pokemon Showdown.
Sep 29 2013, 07:09 PM
Welcome to the Careful Reading Examination. Today I will be the teacher conducting this test, my name is Professor Harves. Grab a seat and wait for the test to begin.


Read the test very carefully
Submit your examination sheet on a new post
No cheating.Cheaters will have to be punished with free cookies
The instructions on the test does not have to be done in any particular order

Here is the test, follow the instructions on the test very carefully:

1. Read all instructions very carefully.

2. On a new post on this topic, skip down 3 three lines and type in how many pets you have.

3. Skip down a line and post your name.

4. On the same line type in the color of the sky.

5. On the same line type in what direction a tree grows.

6.Click the smiley button.

7. On the next line post the name of a song.

8.On the next line post the answer to this maths problem, what is the value of X when X+4=5?

9. Post 4 synonyms for the word 'small' on the next line.

10. On the same line pick a weapon you would use to battle a zombie.

11. Go 2 lines down and click random smilies.

12. Go 1 line up and post the name of your favorite FE6 character.

13. Type in the number of sit-ups you can do.

14. On the next line post your top three favorite Pokemon.

15.Do you like Domo or not? Post your answer on the next line.

16. On the same line post what you would rate this test out of 10.

17. Ignore all instruction from number 2-16 and and only complete 1, 17 and 18

18. Post 'Finished' on this topic.

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