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Aug 4 2015, 01:30 PM
Don't like soccer? DOESN'T MATTER, THIS IS STILL FUN. Just play along and see what happens, it's something for the whole forum.

Basically, Football Manager has an editor. You can make people up and put them in the game. Then you can simulate and see what happens over the next however many years.

That's where you guys come in. I'm going to add everybody in, and then we can all see how amazing we'd be as professional footballers, or if we just end up kicking it in the Singapore pro league.

So, let's get started.

List of stats. - The max is 20 (world class). Messi is world class, and that's why he's joining Reading.

We're going to take an asset/flaw idea on this. We'll take say, 5 or so stats both ways in which you think you'd be good at/bad at, and voila!

CODE Name (First/Last, or nickname):
Date of Birth:
City of Birth:
Dominant foot:
Weak foot ability:
5 'Assets':
5 'Flaws':

You can have more than one nation, and yes, you can pick a 'declared nation'.

The first 2-3 assets/flaws will be the major ones. Alternatively, give a description of how you want to be, ie. 'pacey winger with skills, not the best defender'.

Scary picture of all the positions.
You can have more than one position if it makes sense, but pick the main position first. You can be a GK, just say and I'll get the stats for that up.

Personality is what it says on the tin - are you ambitious? A good sport? Able to deal with pressure? Loyal? A firestarter?

Extra is for things like say, your favourite clubs or player, or anything else that is relevant. If you want to flesh out the physical stats , or other things here instead, go for it. Languages? Useful. If you play, tell me a bit about how you play, or at least, how you'd like to play (cutting in for LONGSHOTS).

Here's an example:

Name (First/Last, or nickname): bblues - your username is fine for this.
Date of Birth: 30/01/1992
City of Birth: Guelph
Nation: Canada/England
Height: 1.78m (use whatever system you want)
Weight: 72kgs (again, whatever system you want)
Position: CM/CDM/CAM
Dominant foot: Right
Weak foot ability: Not great (A solid 7/20)
5 'Assets': Work Rate, Stamina, Tackling, Agility, Determination.
5 'Flaws': Long Throws, Positioning, Concentration, Teamwork, Free Kicks
Personality: Unambitious, quiet, dedicated.
Extra: READING FC bitches, Sunderland and Malaga as secondaries, I hate Fergie. Decent at Spanish, rusty French.

I know it looks a bit daunting, but ask if you have any questions or suggestions.

I hope to see you on the virtual field!
Aug 28 2014, 01:51 AM
Apologies if I've missed anyone. Well, vote away~
Jul 21 2014, 02:53 AM
Jul 10 2014, 04:04 PM
Hellooooo people, and welcome to this year's TEB Awards! I'm bblues, and I'm hosting for the staff because Ezra isn't here right now. Any questions, ask me!

Here's the (few) changes/rules:

Voting is completely open: Outside of yourself, you can vote for anyone, regardless of whether they've won before or not.
Honoured Brigadier, however, is an exception, and you cannot vote for previous winners of said award.
Fell Contract: No Dess/Sqawl/Lancer. I don't care. Just don't. Not this year. I'm sure you all understand
This is all fun!: We're here as a family, and a family pokes fun at each other, but it's all in good humour. Just take that in mind when it comes to some of the awards.


Well, enough of that, and on with the voting!

Here's the categories:

[B]Emblem - Best of the Best:[/B]
[B]Paragon - Biggest Contributor:[/B]
[B]Goddess Icon - Best Roleplayer:[/B]
[B]Boots - Most Active Member:[/B]
[B]Coin - Funniest Member:[/B]
[B]Elixir - Kindest Member:[/B]
[B]Secret Book - Wittiest Member:[/B]
[B]Blossom - Best New Member:[/B]
[B]Fell Contract - Biggest Troublemaker:[/B]
[B]Dath - Best Dather:[/B]
[B]Stahl - Laziest Member:[/B]
[B]Narshen - TEB’s Diva:[/B]
[B]Master Seal - Most Improved Member:[/B]
[B]Honoured Brigadier (Nominate 3):[/B]
[B]Occult Scroll - Best Thread Creator:[/B]
[B]Wrath - Grumpiest Member:[/B]
[B]Serra - Bitchiest Member:[/B]
[B]White Gem - Most Talented:[/B]
[B]Lyre - Most Adorable:[/B]

Note: Voting ends 23/07/14

Vote away~
Jul 8 2014, 03:32 PM
Hey, just thought I'd make a thread for this.

TCGs, for some of us, have a fair bit of opening boosters and the like, so why not have a topic where we share what we received?

Curse your luck, got a great pull? Post 'em.


I bought a pack for this very reason. Well, that and I'm kinda debating to get back into MTG.

Anyways, let's go!

The pack. I've no clue how many blocks on I am from when I stopped, where this set is in the block, or anything. Less expectation then, I guess

What I got.

As a list:
Plains ©
Gluttonous Cyclops ©
Rotted Hulk ©
Returned Reveler ©
Desecration Plague ©
Nyx Infusion ©
War-Wing Siren ©
Stonewise Fortifier ©
Armamment of Nyx ©
Rouse the Mob ©
Cloaked Siren ©
Akroan Line Breaker (U)
Gnarled Scarhide (U)
Nessian Game Warden (U)
Worst Fears (MR)

Worst Fears close-up. Mythic Rare is something new to me, I had to Google the card up, thought something was wrong with my card

It's kinda cool, if you could play it. I have no clue how viable it is, or any of the cards, for that matter, but it was fun anyways. I always loved opening these!


So, post yours! (When they happen).
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