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I enjoy cooking, playing video games, writing stories, and watching anime like Code Geass, Death Note, One Piece, DBZ, and etc. But I don't watch Narutard or Bleach except only watching girls getting beat up in some ryona way. Since that's the only thing those two anime that only interest me... XD Well basically I'm a type of person with ideas flowing around my thinking cap. I also plan to be a screenwriting wannabe and thought about making one that has to do in high school which it's classified people. :P I used to enjoy watching Youtube videos like MageKnight404's Let's Play videos with his commentary of his videos which he's a funny, dorky person I'll give him that until I realized he's a ROTTEN ASSHOLE who thinks he's above others. That really sickens not only me, but everyone who actually follows his ass. I'm way better in strategy than this sham false dunghead. What a CONCAC!?Someday, I'll plan to do some of that, but I'll do them when the time comes. Oh wait, I'm doing those right now! XD
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Mar 16 2014, 05:17 AM
Removed for potential Rule 9 violation. I have it saved so it can be replaced if it is decided that there was not a violation.

Mar 10 2014, 04:24 AM
Greetings my fellow brethrens, my name is Santouryu3. I’ll keep my sanity intact, and say Ko… Stupid dreaded blue screen of death! My computer crashed, and I’ve lost all the work when I was typing everything out discussing and explaining my brainstorming… It’s like someone’s preventing me from making this project a dream come true… So if you aren't aware of my skills, I don't have any hacking experience or have an artistic genes in me. I'm basically a creative writer with creative thoughts and ideas. I just give characters a punchline with something out witty to say just to read out some of the irony quotes based on my knowledge I already got on me.

This is going to be like Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft 2 races being butchered and cut off into separate race expansions…, which by the way I hate them. So there’s going to be like three main characters with their own side story based on where they're going at. So any who, I had a dream where the entire Jugdral Continent was overrun by WALKERS I mean zombies. It’s bad enough that there’s a drought after the Holy War ended alongside Leaf finally liberated his homeland and unified.

So what’s next? Exactly how all of this caused by? Plagued? Its obvious that rats were involved, and they were the cause by plague, so I assumed it was a biological weapon made by a mad scientist who had a leading command and probably had a chat with King Leaf about food shortage and the current drought going on for the past year. The reason is because someone knew the realistic sight of the population growth would be an issue in the future alongside with the drought being another cause to the entire continent to go through havoc anarchy of starvation. Luckily, the Grandmaster Warlock who has the ability to call down heavy rain allowing the crops to get the water they need in their roots. A rain maker giving the children a wet dream by running and screaming for rain to arrive. At this point on, I’m not going to spoil your crops and show how all of this began, but this is a good starting point on how everything went down under. Rumors spread of the GM Warlock calling down heavy rain while crops get the nutrition they need from their soil. Hopefully this project won't soil down into my toilet, so I'll be more happily to spoil the story of this project by doing a writing later on today when I have time that is.

I’m also going to use the characters from the game called Battle Realms because a couple of antagonist characters didn’t perish from the horde of hordelings alongside, I’m gonna add C.C. and the nun from Code Geass where they made a pact during the time when the antagonist/protagonist arrived and met them. The reason is because he’s going to obtain a Geass ability. Furthermore, the entire story will be made up by me, so all the characters will have their own personalities. Besides, I wanna make it as dark and evil as possible for the antagonist/protagonist. He’s going through tough changes and decisions based on his moral conscious or Yin or Yang. Did I mention that he’s an atheist? That blew me off right there. He'll have bad and sad endings based on his own selfish goals by either having a choice to do the right way or the wrong way by brutally murdering his so called friends because who wants to be an evil Sith Lord who has nothing to lose or to gain. The protagonists saw this coming by the way, so they knew they had this coming their way just like the Zerg/Serpent player who wants a dark ending. Also, did I fail to mention that Serpent Kenji is by far ten times worse than Shagaal. Just saying.

Furthermore, there will be three main characters. Two of which are protagonists, and the other one is an antagonist/protagonist. The antagonist/protagonist’s side story is going to have firearms such as the BADASS blunderbuss along with flintlock pistol, musket rifles, cannoneers, and mortars. How will they stand against their foe’s advanced technology? Are they gonna use the forbidden tomes during the Holy War such as Meteor Tomes and etc? Either way, humanity will decide their fate. Also, this will be a fan fiction made by me, so you probably already knew that by now?

Title: Fire Emblem: Mysterious Orb

Base: FE7 (If there’s a zombie mod) or FE8

Plot: Since this is going to be Raymond Soto’s side story aka MK404, I might as well make this project a Fire Emblem tradition of him. Kinda like Leon S Kennedy’s side story in Resident Evil 6… I hope Crapcom goes bankrupted... :\ He’s nothing more than an arrogant, prideful mediocre leader led by his mentor Captain Brenner. This seems weird that he named his group name Marimo Camo even though his sister wanted to name it Nuptup aka Vileplume from Projared Pokemon nickname. So basically, he’s a wannabe leader just idolizing his mentor by filling in his shoes once he mastered leadership. Geez, I idolize Lelouch because he’s hundred times better than Brenner. Despite, his sadistic taste for power, corruption, and ruining more lives under his oppression, I still love him as a saint. Moving on, his entire group was hired by Safy to find the Duchess of Tahra and rescue her from the renegade bandits. Ever since he first met Linoan back when the oppression was going on, he has the obsession to find his former friend named Viet and kill him for bringing forth brigands to pillage his homeland and hearing the echoing screams of innocents being slaughtered by a pack of hungry wolves. One of the bandits told him that his friend led them into a hen house full of goods to be hauled out. He vowed to seek vengeance on him and avenged his parents’, friends’, and innocents’ deaths by giving them justice for what they deserve.

Raymond's theme music will be Hope Never Dies. Linoan's theme music, I guess I'll use Dragon/Wolf Clan's theme music. Lastly, Viet's theme music will be from Code Lyoko theme based on XANA William if fighting against him. Along with that train wreck, he'll be also having the Serpent and Brood War Zerg theme musics with Irony of Fate DC as the battle theme. Tell me what you think? ^~^
Jan 30 2014, 05:18 PM
Well here goes zip nada do. I have nothing good to say in the first sentence, so like it or loathe it ffs. My name is Toan Nguyen, but you can call me Santouryu3 since I pretty much use that username on pretty much everything such as YT, Google, Skype, Twitch, & etc.

Moving on, I'm Vietnamese, and currently in school. I'm a let's player which I post Let's Play videos and other videos about myself or stuff on YT & Twitch. I am also a writer whose interested in writing stories, scripts, & anything that is fiction, non-fiction, & fan-fiction just like FE.

However, my English writing is kinda bad if you've noticed by now. I'm currently working at Pizza Hut as a DD. I am also working on a FE Hack Project, but I am in need of some desperate assistance since I can't hack very well, and I get a loads of black screen results, for I have had a bad time following instructions on where to begin.

I completely faded out from it with frustration. I've already planned out on my current goals with a complete, good story lines for all three characters. I would like to begin with three characters both are which protagonist, and the other is a mix of protagonist & antagonist.

Reason why is because the character has been going through some tough changes where a man has lost everything & nothing to gain back from. He's just a broken man with no regrets depending on if he actually kills his former friends because he blames one person's lack of leadership & poor judgment.

He has one bad ending & sad ending depending on which side to choose from. There is no good endings for him unfortunately. Why is this RE ORC? I don't want to kill Leon & Claire, and then kidnapped Sherry.

At least, I get to choose my path. Setting the real Toan free despite my parents traded me over for a bunch of fruit baskets throwing off course at some hired mercs that the baby is actually the Prince Leaf of Lenster, but it is really the parents who assumed their infant is dead because he wasn't breathing.

Luckily, they managed to keep the real prince safe at what cost. Now, I'm pissed off at my deadbeat parents for giving me up and saving his cute butt. I think I regretted where I actually helped him out in the past when he was desperate to get in the enemy fortress with an inside help.

Gawd, I would love to torment him just as he tormented me with his story as an infant with Finn telling about the switch. I will one day use my GEASS on him or better yet on his queen and his infant. Let's see if he likes it?

Apparently, I have had dreams about this in my sleep. I even dreamed where I killed the Duke of Tahra aka Linoan's father at a public execution site where citizens are gathered to see a real public execution site which is kinda fussy on why am I doing this.

It has been occurring recently since I remembered it happened today as well. Why did I execute her father? You ask me. Then, I realized that there's a connection. Well not our names being quite similar, but we're completely opposite from one another.

I am actually quite fond of dark magic and doing something realistically rather than idealistically help weak defense civilians. I even slaughtered Linoan's people & her sisters when I was serving the Serpent Clan.

They were infected by the plague, so the Serpent Lord ordered me & my forces to slaughter them as a contingency plan to eradicate the source. The one who actually started out the plague was Zymeth & the Lotus Clan.

Ever since the humiliating defeat against the Serpent Clan, Zymeth has come across Jugdral where they are suffering from a drought, so he visits Tahra with the help of his second in command Koril the teleporter messenger to actually negotiate in supplies & staying here until they licked their wounds after that defeat against the Serpent Clan which is actually the Wolf Clan since they torched down their keep, but let's say it's the Serpent Clan since they actually defeat the Wolf Clan at the end.

Also, Zymeth can call forth rain. He's a rain maker, but he also call forth lightning when its raining cats & dogs. So yes, I pretty much discuss the story with plot holes in it which I can't stop rambling on because Yin & Yang? Good or Evil?

Maybe there's going to be another Shagaal's reincarnation. Serpent Kenji from Battle Realms! XD That's right. He's ten times worse than Shagaal. If you don't believe me, watch my Let's Play Battle Realms Serpent's Path, or Serpent campaign cut scenes of him slaughtering innocent villagers, forcing men, women, & CHILDREN into work labor, having to execute a geisha in front of her home with her sisters witnessing her death, her sisters becoming ho healers, executing a peasant and said "my family" before he died, & lastly kill, maim, and raze the Wolf Clan as if slaughtering native indians isn't bad enough to continue the bloodshed of the Serpent Empire. Women & children had died from the mad butcher.


I hope this edit is okay now since I have no clue to keep it like Microsoft Word's format. Please don't spank my buttocks. :'(
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