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Apr 6 2015, 09:44 PM
Apparently, they plan on dropping a Fire Emblem TCG in Japan. Like with most card games, they seem to have two trial decks of sorts coming out. The one on the left is, needless to say, based on Marth and friends. The one on the right is based on Awakening.

Thoughts? First thing I hope for is a English Release, but other than that, I hope more decks come out based on different entries in the series. I'm telling you right now; I'd be the first person to drop bank on a Sacred Stones deck revolving around Ephraim.
Mar 24 2015, 08:50 PM
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one life likes to bitchslap and throw walls at every so often, so I figure it might be best to ask for advice here.

Here's the gist of it; I feel like I can't move forward in life no matter what I do. I'm stuck at a dead-end job, and because of that, I can't do the things I want/need to do. This happens every so often, I finally break through a wall I've been chipping at for years, only to find another and much tougher wall behind it.

I can't say this I'm blame free for my position; I DID screw up my first college run (Met my first girlfriend there, and the thirst was real for someone who didn't really care for me at all.) That being said; I'm trying to go back to school, but the lack of decent money from my job is preventing me from doing so.

Now, I work at Target; the pay is shitty, but not so shitty that I can't put money aside for things like this. But the other problem is that my mom's job doesn't even pay her as much as mine pays me, so I'm footing a LOT of the bills. A.K.A. No money for me. This isn't her fault, of course, that woman works herself to the bone and I appreciate everything she does for me. It's just discouraging to see people who I went to High School with (Some who have messed up WAY worse than I could ever mess up) be able to move forward on a consistent basis while I'm slaving away just to get by. Hell, I don't even have a car, and the struggle is so real that I don't want one because that's just another bill I have to pay.

Trying to get promoted and move up at my job is impossible, they don't promote people based on their quality of work, they only promote the people who suck up the most. So even though I put my best foot forward (I've even managed things in my department when we did not have a manager to speak of), they won't promote me simply because they don't flat out like me. This isn't an exclusive problem, even Corporate tells them to start giving people chances to move up in the company. But at this rate; I'll be stuck at an even 8-9 dollars an hour for life.

This, I guess fear at this point, has even affected my attitude about school. I've long given up my dream of working in a medical field and instead settled on being happy with any degree that will provide me with a decent living. I figured communications is the best way to go since there are a lot of jobs in that field and I can get the degree in 2 years versus 4. The thing that worries me the most is my girlfriend. She's a wonderful girl, but she's got this condition that prevents her from being able to work. That's obviously not her fault, and I want to be able to provide for her (Plan on proposing to her the second I get my shit in order.) My concern is whether or not I'l be able to. I'm used to doing without (Lived in a single parent household for the majority of my childhood), but she needs things like medicine that I'll have to pay for, and I want to be able to get us the things we want, too. I'm perfectly capable of performing any job required of me, and I'm more than willing to put in the work required. But I can't do anything if life continues to make me punch through walls while others simply get to walk through doors.

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone else has ever found themselves unable to move forward, and if they have any advice on how to do so. My story aside; I know others feel the same way, and maybe someone's actually been able to break through somehow, so their answers can probably help any of us who can't get over that hump.

Tl;dr I'm stuck, plz help
Mar 5 2015, 08:59 PM

She is THIS close to getting natural maxed out, gonna give her limit breaker, Galeforce, and maybe Astra or Sol. then, no one will stop her
Feb 19 2015, 11:09 PM
So, I mentioned I'm a mod on a forum dedicated to the Corpse Party series, right? Well, as it so happens, the series has a LOT of fangames due to the gameplay being RPG Maker oriented, and I started making one a while back. Also, there're a bunch of games in the series you can play for free. Figured I'd share, cuz sharing is caring.

For those of you who don't know about Corpse Party, I'll provide a basic synopsis. The game takes place in Heavenly Host Elementary School, a school that (after various incidents of rape, kidnapping, murder, etc etc) was shut down and torn down. Now, how can a game take place somewhere that got torn down? Well, that's the interesting part. A bunch of High School kids did this charm called the 'Sachiko Ever After' charm, something that was supposed to cement their friendship for life. In actuality, they fucked around and got sent to a spectral version of the school. And this school kills pretty much everyone that finds themselves unlucky enough to be there. I could go into more details, but that would be getting into spoiler-territory.

Now, the commercial games are available for the PSP/Vita/PC/iOS. The first one, Blood Covered, is the one I just explained. The second, Book of Shadows, is a game that is more VN-ish and provides more insight into other characters. The final chapter in the Heavenly Host saga is Blood Drive for the Vita, which as all but been confirmed for localization. The original/fan games, however? Those are RPG Maker oriented, and more importantly, are free as all hell XD

The website to get the freeware games as well as other freeware horror games in English is right here, at Memories of Fear. The team behind this site are very good friends of mine, and more importantly to all of you who are interested; they're expert translators. They translate and test and translate and test like it was their job, and they're very good at it. All of the games got the okay from the official Corpse Party team in Japan (GrisGris/Grindhouse) to be hosted there, and they're pretty much the cornerstone of the English Corpse Party community. (They're also the reason for the forum I'm on.)

As for my fangame, and the others made by other users on the Corpse Party forum, I could link them here at request, provided I get the respective creator's permission(s). As for my game, Isolated Risk, I COULD link it here, but the current demo is buggy as all hell. Like, I literally scrapped the original data and started fresh, now that I actually know how to use RPG Maker properly. I plan on linking it here once the final version is done (which it almost is, just gotta wait on my friend to finish some of the artwork), but if you guys want to play the shitty version, I'll link it.

Anyway, I'll stop talking now. I hope you all decide to take a look at the website linked, and if you do, I hope you enjoy all the games here as much as I have.

EDIT: Because these are horror games, I would consider them to be in the rated M category. I don't recall anything too explicit as far as NSFW-ish material goes. That being said; blood and gore are there in varying degrees. If that stuff bothers you, I'd recommend erring on the side of caution and not playing them.
Jan 28 2015, 02:49 AM
Okay! I'm a complete noob, I can admit that. So now that that's out of the way, rather than bugging everyone via PM like I probably would have done in the past, I figure I'd make a thread for my hacking related questions. (I noticed that's what a few others were doing, but if that's not allowed, please let me know and I'll amend it immediately.) Questions will arise as the problems come, but for the most part; I'll usually spend a good amount of time trying to figure it out myself before I ask for help, so this thread won't really get updated until I've exhausted every other option I can do on my own, thanks in advance for your understanding and patience.

Anyway, this brings me to my first question. First off, Eventiel; great tool, it's easy to use, makes life a LOT easier. But I ran into a snag. See, I made a map in FEMap Creator (The other cool thing that randomly generates maps because, heck, I can't map for crap), but I can't upload it for crap. Now, I already know what the problem is; the map file isn't in .png format.

No biggie, right? I try to change it to .png, doesn't work. I try uploading the map in other formats, doesn't work. (240x160; I apologize if you mentioned this in the video you linked, I have crap memory sometimes, I'm honestly better at remember things when I read them, rather than hearing/seeing them.)

Tl;dr Is there a way to convert .map files to .png so I can use them in Eventiel? If I can get over that first snag, I can get started. Thanks again!
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