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Oct 25 2014, 01:50 PM
Not sure if anyone is still interested in this, but like why not try it out again.

So the first one was like a really long time ago and I figured someone else would set up the next topic, but no one ever did, so here it is! Go write poetry and be creative and submit it here and I will judge whatever you guys give me, I will also provide some serious critique and be really legit, I promise I know what I'm doing, I went to an art school for creative writing for 2 years.

(side not, if anyone wants critique on any of their other writing, poetry or otherwise I'd totally be up to do that, I love that kind of stuff)

Copy pasted Soadfa's rules and added a bit of commentary.

The poetry contest will be open for entry by everyone BUT the judge cause that'd be cheating. The winner of the contest is the judge for the next contest. This prevents the same person from being judge twice consecutively, and also does a bit to eliminate favoritism (along the lines of HA I PICK MYSELF AGAIN LOLZ I'M SUCH A GREAT POET).

1. There are no hard requirements on length, although consider that a simple couplet better be really good to keep up with a longer poem and an epic-length poem better be amazing to justify holding someone's attention throughout the time it takes to read it, e.g. Song of Myself by Walt Whitman is long, sure, but it's got the goods to back up the length.

2. There are no stylistic restrictions within poetry although prose poetry is cheating. Basically, if it's poetry, then it can be entered. Of course, there's only one judge, and that judge might have stylistic preferences, but at the very least the judge needs to consider all entries.

3. There are no restrictions on content, so long as it is reasonable. No content that breaks the rules of TEB is allowed (i.e. no porn (although sexual poetry is good, in my opinion, but I'll leave the admins to draw the line), no content that breaks rule 11, etc)

4. All work must be artistically original. Sampling and reference are often done in poetry, and is fine, but the vast majority of the work must be original content.

5. The deadline is either two weeks after the initiation of the contest, or when at least three entries have been submitted, whichever comes later.

6. One entry per individual. You may withdraw an entry before the deadline has passed to submit another, but only one entry is valid at any time.

7. Entries are to be posted in a post or attached as a file of some sort to the post, for transparency purposes.

The winner shall receive the right to judge the next contest (although they may decline and pass it to the runner-up). They shall also receive bragging rights and the inherent fulfillment of having won.
Apr 22 2014, 08:15 PM
Wew, *blows dust off forum* maybe we can get a little life back in this. So I've been writing this thing and this is the first (best) part of that thing and if anyone likes it I'll post some parts of this thing.

It's just kind of a slice of life/coming of age type thing with a narrator that's so typical you ever learn his name.

So yeah, feedback would be cool. Here we go:

In Which Cleo is in the Library and Does Something Bad

Cleo’s in the library without a book. She’d followed me to the computers by the children’s section, then got stuck in one of those bean bag chairs that take forever to get out of. Her shoulders and cheeks are freckled from the summer sun and there is a sheen of sweat on her teenage face that froze when she entered the air conditioned building a little while ago. Everything about her is red. Red hair pulled back with a red tie, red sunburn complementing the freckles and the red of her shorts. But she’s in a blue bean bag. So if someone saw her from the distance she’d look like a blob of purple that had grown like a mole on the face of the neglected library.
“Do you know what’s weird?” I don’t respond, I’m typing and she’s been annoying me, so I’m ignoring her. “Do ya?”
“I’m almost finished,” I say, even though I’m not nearly finished. I’m thinking that if I keep saying I’m almost done she’ll give me a few minutes of quiet. It doesn’t work.
“You’re not going to finish.” It seems she’s abandoned her previous train of thought.
“I have to go to work at seven, so I have until then.”
“Then what are you doing?” She yells and struggles to remove herself from the mold the bean bag has made of her. It squelches beneath her and she falls on the ground before dusting herself off and standing. “Come on, let’s go do something!”
I don’t answer her. The last time we did “something” I ended up with twelve stitches and a tetanus shot. I still have the scar to prove it.
She comes over and sits down in the chair next to me, then leans in close like she’s about to kiss me. She just wants to distract me from my essay. I shouldn’t have let her come with me because I’m trying to work. I can feel her breath on my skin and it smells like her strawberry lip gloss; it makes me sick. Sweat beads on my brow and I can’t think. My fingers slow and the words stop coming to me.
“Are you done yet?” Her question sends a strawberry gust into my face. I stand up and gag. I’m done, my concentration is broken and Cleo knows it. There's no escaping her now. “Here, I’ll save your work for you,” she saves it to the wrong folder then pulls out the flash drive without safely disconnecting it. It makes me shudder. “Catch,” she tosses it to me but I don’t catch; it doesn’t even reach me. “Whoops, sorry, depth perception’s a bitch.” She plays with her glasses to accent the point. The frames of her glasses are red.
“Lemme get a book before we go, okay?” I ask; it always feels like I need permission to do anything with Cleo around.
“Alright, but make it quick, I’m bored.” I can tell. She’s playing with the children’s toys and getting way too into them. It’s pulled close, an inch away from her face, and she’s trying to guide a marble through a maze without letting it fall into the holes. She’s following close behind me and I can’t read the book titles with her right there. I stop to read a summary and she bumps into me.
“Gah! I almost had it and you made me lose!” She throws the game down in frustration. “Just hurry up and pick a book already. Here,” Cleo pulls one out at random, “Take this one.”
The Zorgons take Atlantis .
“Um, no thanks.” I settle on a book at random. I didn’t get a chance to even read the title, but if we stay in here any longer Cleo may become volatile. She tends to get very throw-y when she’s bored or upset, and I think I may have bothered her by ruining the game; if I want to be able to come back here then I need to get her out quickly. I had to drive an extra ten minutes and pay to get a library card in Cheshire because she got me banned from the one in Wallingford.
“Come on, let’s go fucking do something.” She’s swinging her arms by her sides and I can tell she’s going to do something that only I’ll regret soon.
“Alright, relax, I just need to check this out.” She turns to me and there’s a glint in her eyes that I don’t like. Before I can do anything she’s snatched the book from my hands and taken off out the door. Her legs may be shorter than mine, but they move faster and her body’s less awkward, so she’s already sitting in my brother’s car with the windows rolled down by the time I get outside. The librarian yells something about the police at me, but I know she won’t call them. Or at least I hope she won’t. Maybe that’s why no one comes here: they all got arrested.
Mar 9 2014, 08:06 PM
Wew, so yeah, back to spriting I guess. I'm not going to be doing a whole lot of work on this because I'm going to try and get a rom hack actually going, but like I still need portraits for the hack so I'll throw those up here when I make them. But for now I have as follows:

Beard-y is going to be a custom-ish bard-esque class and pink hair bro is going to be a fencer class (start as eliwood then get a custom promotion).

Both of them have a couple of stray pixels that I've fixed already I just don't have access to my desktop at the moment to post the newest copies.
Mar 9 2014, 04:23 PM
Hey, I used to be sort of active on the forums but I never really got into the community then I just kinda fizzled out cause of school and stuff. But I finished up my applications to colleges and now I've got some real free time so I figured why not come back to this.

So now I'm back and I'm actually going to try and be a person! So this should be fun I guess.
Sep 24 2012, 05:41 PM
Hey, so I'm back from the dead! The real world had just been kinda beating me down this past year so I hadn't had much time for any fire emblem related stuff. But I'm back now with a new vigor! Kinda... Yeah but I know I posted something in here a while ago; that was my application to a school for writing that I'm attending now in addition to my normal highschool, so I'm planning on just posting anything I write for that in here. I would post my stuff from last year now, but I'm on my old computer and it isn't compatible with any of my stuff so... Yeah, I'll get on that later. Be expecting some stuff I guess. Gonna be fun.
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