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Oct 25 2015, 06:42 AM
the 52 week couple challenge.

Basic information:
you and your partner are locked into house for a year. You will have electricity, enough food, water and household items and machines supplied and you can take anything you want from your own home. If you can stay in the house for the year, you will win great sum of money. But each week you will receive a challenge you need to fulfill in order to be allowed to stay in the house. Nothing is given if you leave the house or fail the challenge.

Extra rules:
-you are not allowed to visit anyone
-no one is allowed to visit you
-you can keep contact through social media all you want.
-you must fulfill each weeks challenge or use a freepass (more about freepasses below)
-you can refuse challenge if you have reason good enough. (period on bottomless week, food allergy, special diet you need to follow)

You and your couple will receive five (5) freepasses when you enter the house. These passes can used at any time unless it is listed otherwise. Usage of freepass is permanent and there is no refunds.

(The challenges are made for woman-man pairs. If you and your partner are same gender, improvise)

Week 1: Nothing. You can rest and get used to the house.
Week 2: You will lose electricity unless both of you are in same room.
Week 3: You will lose water unless you both are in the same room.
Week 4: Sacrifice week. Pair has to divide housework. Only one person is allowed to cook this week and dishes+laundry+vacuumin goes to the other person for the week.
Week 5: Fruitapocalypse! You both have to eat at least 1kg of fruit each day.
Week 6: Romantic week. Pair has to prepare romantic dinner every second day (monday, wednesday, friday and sunday.)
Week 7: Pair is only allowed to speak backwards or write their messages.
Week 8: Nothing. So called freeweek for relaxation.
Week 9: Gambling week! Pair has to choose player and victim. On monday, after breakfast, pair will have to play poker or similar gambling game against computer. If player loses, victim has to remove one piece of clothing for rest of the week. If player wins 3 times or victim is stripped nude, game ends and week proceeds normally. Victim is, however, allowed to cancel the game at any moment. If he/she does that, pair is only allowed to eat dry beans and drink water rest of the week. Clothes those are lost during gambling wont be gained back for this week.
Week 10: Same as previous week but player and victim swap places.
Week 11: Pair is only allowed to eat if other person feeds them.
Week 12: Free week.
Week 13: Pair are not allowed to wash themselves in any manner unless other person does it for them.
Week 14: Shopping week. Pair is given budget and couple of shops. They have to order their food and supplies from those shops for this week.
Week 15: Pair has to come up with dance and dance it this week.
Week 16: Pair is not allowed to get off the bed unless they both are awake.
Week 17: Pair is not allowed to touch each other at all.
Week 18: sacrifice week! Pair has to choose victim. If victim is male, he is only allowed to wear apron. If victim is female, they are only allowed to wear naughty/skimpy underwear.
Week 19: Free week.
Week 20: Pair is only allowed to use their left hand for any task.
Week 21: Maid/butler week! Pair has to choose servant. Servant has to wear either maid uniform or butlers uniform. Servant also has to do all cooking and household work and refer to their couple as "sir", "mrs", "master" or "mistress". Only servant can decide about using freepass on this week. Servant must also perform one naughty task each day. Naughty task can be anything from nude back massage to having sex.
Week 22: same both master and servant swap roles.
Week 23: Pair is only allowed to jump for movement.
Week 24: Pair is given two wheelchairs which they have to use for movement.
Week 25: Sacrifice week! Pair has to choose victim for each day. Victim is not allowed to eat anything for that day. Only water can be drunk.
Week 26: Free week.
Week 27: No internet.
Week 28: No airconditioning. (room temperature goes up few degrees)
Week 29: free week.
Week 30: Both of you can only wear swimsuits.
Week 31: Both of you can only wear your underwear.
Week 32: Both of you have to be topless
Week 33: No underwear allowed
Week 34: Both of you have to be bottomless
Week 35: No clothes allowed!
Week 36: After so much nudity, its free week.
Week 37: Washing machines for laundry and dishes stop working.
Week 38: Bunnysuits! Pair has to wear bunnysuit. This can be either actual bunny or playboy bunny.
Week 39: Pair has to dress up like they would be going for fishing trip and have to eat fish each day.
Week 40: Pair will be handcuffed together from one hand.
Week 41: Sacrifice week! Pair has to choose victim. Victim has to wear blindfold whole week.
Week 42: Free week.
Week 43: shower and bath stop working.
Week 44: pair has to wear same set of clothes each week.
Week 45: Pair is not allowed to say each others name.
Week 46: Pair has to kiss once a hour except while sleeping.
Week 47: Pair must dress/undress each other.
Week 48: Free week.
Week 49: There will be mouse/bird released into the house each day. Pair has to catch them alive or wait till end of day.
Week 50: Pair has to wear each others clothes. If nothing fits, you can order similar but larger clothing.
Week 51: Chocolate week. Pair has to eat at least 1kg of chocolate each day.
Week 52: Last sacrifice. Pair is given tranquilizer gun with one dart in it. First six days are nothing but on last day, either of the persons must be shot with the gun. Dart will put person asleep for a day. Freepass MAY not be used on this week. Failing to put one person into sleep causes challenge to fail.

Well... what would you do with your couple? (what would you use the freepasses on) And how would you react to last week? I would personally tranq myself.
Apr 11 2015, 04:17 AM
This game is newest to the pokémon rumble series and guess what? Its free to start game. Basically you can play it but there is thing called poké diamonds those act as in-game special currency. Major thing about them is increasing amount of pokémons you can collect and buying balloons those allow you to actually go hunt pokémons. The game does allow you to get them for free at some rate and ofc, you can pay for them. There is cap tho which is 3000 gems, about 30 euros. After reaching that cap, you can't buy more gems but the game allows you to get extra +20 gems for free each day from mine you unlock this way. So basically, you can play it for free and be slower or pay about 30 and unlock the mine.

I have played it for while now and it is fun ^-^ My biggest complain so far is that Torterra is located in dark balloon, which is Kalos one <.< Torterra is from Sinnoh. Are you guys gonna get it? If you do, make sure to tell here because that way you can get help by miis visiting you. (your friends can visit your game once a day. They also bring in more diamonds every 5th mii that visits. To the daily cap which I am not sure what it is)
Mar 25 2015, 07:51 AM
Dess, you never told us about your family members...
Or your rave.

thats darn epic.
Feb 12 2015, 08:45 AM
Nov 11 2012, 11:52 PM
...I don't know if I want to go onward anymore... You know what I have been through. Heart attacks, surgery, being attacked stabbed by knife... about week ago I got hit by drunktard with car... I am currently on hospital, kept alive by machine which ensures I breathe correctly. They say that after day or two I can survive without it, but... I seriously doubt if going forward is worth this... I feel like world would have activated "welcome to shitstorm Mikuel, enjoy your ride!" mode... Usually I keep going because I want to come back to you, who form 90% of my friends... But... I am not sure anymore...

I want to know what you think... would I be missed here? Or am I just filler...
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