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Posted by: Duchess of Freege Jan 18 2017, 07:34 PM
Now that FE Heroes is a thing, FE4 has gotten a little more love, and by extension almost every major character in the game has a new name. I'm going to post them here for reference, as well as my thoughts. Overall there have been some pretty significant changes, including one major reversion from a previous localization. So, without further ado, here's the list. The original/fan names are in bold. Barring one exception, I didn't include any character that had their name previously localized in Awakening.

Aida - Aida. No change here.

Alec - Alec. So far so good.

Amid - Amid. Hat trick!

Andre/Andrei/Andorey - Andrey. Not bad.

Mahnya - Annand. Wait, what? I know NOA has done a lot of renaming characters outright as far as the old games are concerned, but I'm not really sure what to think about this one...

Arione/Areone/Arion - Arion. Good.

Asaello - Asaello. No change.

Azel - Azelle? Looks like a girl's name. Maybe they saw Azel's sprite and thought he was Arvis's little sister or something?

Beowolf/Beowulf - Beowolf. I can live with this.

Blume/Bloom - Bloom. I preferred Blume, but I can live with it. Here's hoping the rest of the Freeges fare as well.

Brian/Burian - Brian. Good.

Briggid - Brigid. Also good.

Byron/Vylon - Byron. I was afraid he'd be one of the ones to be renamed outright, so this was a relief.

Chagall/Shagall/Shagaal - Chagall. Definitely better than Shagall for obvious reasons.

Sharlow - Charlot. WONDERFUL! They actually used the French spelling!

Holyn - Chulainn. I...guess this is okay? If they wanted to stick with Irish myth, why did they rename Skasaher and Cuan?

Kinbois - Cimbaeth. More Gaelic names, I suppose. I'm not complaining.

Claude/Claud - Claud. I can live with it.

Corple - Coirpre. I have nothing against Gaelic names, but I wish they would have used a phonetic spelling; anyone unfamiliar with Gaelic pronunciation is going to have a rough time.

Radney - Creidne. See above.

Daisy - Daisy.

Roddlevan - Dalvin. I actually like this one!

Dannan - Danann. All they did was relocate one "n", so good.

Dimna - Deimne.

Dew/Deu - Dew. Yes!

Delmud/Delmudd - Diarmuid. This isn't a surprise, though I half expected them to go with Dermot.

Etain/Edain/Adean/Aideen - Edain. Okay.

Fury - Erinys. I'll accept this because it's technically the same name.

Faval - Febail. Ugh, I'll be calling him Feeble now...

Hannibal - Hannibal. Really, they couldn't change this one.

Hawk - Hawk. Yes!

Femina - Hermina. I like it.

Hilda - Hilda. ...I don't like Hilda no matter what her name is.

Ishtore - Ishtore. Looks like both he and Ishtar got to keep their names!

Jane/Jean/Janne - Jeanne. Like it.

Cutuzov - Kutuzov. It's one letter.


Lana/Rana - Lana.

Laylea - Laylea.

Leen - Lene.

Lester - Lester. Looks like he and his sister kept their alliterative names!

Lex - Lex! YES!

Linda - Linda. So far the Freeges have been okay. Let's hope it stays that way...

Langbart/Langobalt - Lombard. I can roll with this. It fits the game's crusade theme nicely.

Johan - Luchar. Wait, what? Where did this come from?

Johalva/Johalvier - Lucharba. Wait, WHAT!?

Manfroy/Manfloy - Manfroy. Very good.

Midir/Midayle/Mideel - Midir. I usually switched between this and Midayle, so it's no problem.

Mana - Muirne. ...I'm not going to say it.

Gandolf - Munnir. It doesn't really fit, but okay.

Noish - Naoise. .....

Oifey/Oifaye - Oifey. I can live with this.

Patty - Patty

Reptor - ...REPTOR!! OMG NINTENDO I FORGIVE YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! Well, maybe not everything, but words cannot describe how utterly relieved I am.

Sandima - Sandima. He's still a bastard, though.

Scorpio/Scopio - Scipio. Roman general? Sweet!

Shannan/Shanan - Shannan

Sylvia - Silvia. Just one letter.

Tiltyu/Tailto - Tailtiu. I can live with it.

Teeny/Tinny - Tine. I'm...not sure what to make of this.

Tristan - Tristan.

So, there's the list, with its mixed bag of joy and confusion. Still, the two things I was most hoping for came to pass, so I can live with anything.

Posted by: Ezra Jan 18 2017, 10:47 PM
I mean there are a few I might have minor annoyance with, but the majority of them are either the same as their original translations or just one letter off; so overall this is mostly a good thing.

Posted by: Duchess of Friege Jul 27 2017, 11:52 AM
Major bump, but a necessary one. I just found out that Freege is apparently Friege now. I guess that's not much of a change, but I'm a little sad. I'm finally going to have to change my username after all these years.

Still, it could have been much, MUCH worse. At least they left Reptor alone.

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