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not a weeb cus im azn
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Kawaii Seoul


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Jan 1 2016, 02:26 AM
I lofe all u fgts

New Years Resolutions plox.

I resolve to stop failing at life.
Dec 13 2015, 12:51 AM
So I wanted to get another discussion on gay rights, gay people, and jazz going on again, since the last is 3 years old and also locked by a former admin. It's a <overly> sensitive topic, to be sure, but I love controversy and offending people, so come at me.

I think being gay's cool. I mean, granted if you were my friend and gay, I'd make fun of you like hell for it so long as you're cool about my incessant teasing (fgt me), which I'll do to anyone and everyone for the pettiest reasons, and I'd stop if there was a point that legitimately bothered you aside from naive sensitivity (of which, I don't need naively sensitive friends anyways).

Though I don't really like it when gays are uh, super open about their identities. Like, cool, your sexual preferences make you unique in this sea of hetero conformists, but don't shove your identity into my face, the same way I don't want star wars to be shoved in my face by fanatical nerds. Keep it in moderation, especially when you're outside, and for the love of God (lol) please do not make a scene just cause you're different, or ask for attention because you're "special."

My dear mother's motto regarding homosexuals was this: As long as you keep it in the bedroom, it's alright with me. I really love this motto, and I think it holds a ton of merit. But honestly, this applies to straight couples as well. I think PDA of any kind is gross and superificial too, so yeah.

My best friend's a lesbian though. We went to church together. Ah, fun times. Sometimes, she'd text me about her sexual adventures, but it's okay because she's a my bestie :^)

Also, I really wanted to post this in Denning's thread: "Isn't it convenient that the bible doesn't say anything in direct confrontation to pedophilia?"
Dec 12 2015, 07:31 PM
Aight, we we've proven we can count to 2. But can we go above and beyond?!!!

Come on boys and girls, let's count to 3! I'll start!

Nov 29 2015, 02:22 PM
"Ahh the old typical nerd way, back off and claim "ITS ONLY XXXX" learned that from being shoved into a locker by the jock in middle school I bet.

The nerd is the cancer of society, weak, craven, duplicitous. He must attack everything his betters have: religious beliefs, money, women (nerds and misogyny are like peanut butter and chocolate). My only solace is that so few of them reproduce, their ideas vanish after a scant few generations."


What do y'all make of this?
Aug 27 2015, 10:12 PM
Gonna just post in SG to freeze my post count until I've gotten over how cool this is. Even my original account didn't reach this Nirvana.

666th post was achieved here:
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