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May 15 2016, 01:17 PM
For the few of you that still visit this place, I announce my departure. I have fond memories of this place, and I wont forget the hi-jinks we got up to back in the day soon. But my other duties, schoolwork, and work have begun to pile up and I find myself spending more and more time elsewhere. Additionally, this place doesn't seem like the TEB I remember in the past, but to end on a kinder note, I wish you all a fond farewell and who knows, I may end up drifting back in one day.
Dec 12 2015, 01:01 PM
If we were to have a small hacking contest, mostly for fun, who would be interested? Rules wise I am thinking of limiting it to one map and chapter as well as limiting the map size to small maps so levels don't take as long to develop.
Also who, if anyone, would be interested in judging? Judges would not be allowed to help participants, and must be available to do either a video of them playing and judging the hack, or a screencap playthrough and judge of the hack. I would judge but dont have any audio recording and lack an interesting voice/ commentary skills.

If I failed to cover something feel free to ask for clarification.
Dec 9 2015, 01:41 AM
Since we actually have activity now, why not a game?

This game is simple. All you do is just paste what is in your clipboard(if you dont know just right click and select paste.)

Mine is:
Oct 19 2015, 09:54 PM
If you didnt know this wednesday( October 21,2015) is the day the protagonist goes to when he time travels in the second movie. With that out of the way does anyone plan on doing anything special? Also thoughts about the special items being released like the coca cola(iirc or it might be another soft drink) the nike shoes and possibly Wild Gunman on the wiiu(but that is an unconfirmed "leak")?
Oct 19 2015, 07:47 PM
Since Silvers game is over I decided we need another one.

This game is rather simple. You simply ask the person who posted above a question which they have to answer. So it would go something like this:

This post
Cero: What is your favorite color?
Silver: Why do you like muffins?
Me: I dont have a preference. Why is silver your favorite element/color?

So basically the top half of your post is designated for responses then the bottom half would be for asking a question. Hopefully this makes sense.
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