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May 5 2017, 01:36 PM
It looks like Eventiel broke. You can get the working code here to use on your own computer: Google drive folder with Eventiel code.

Just open the folder, find eventiel.html, and open that html file in a web browser for Eventiel (Double clicking eventiel.html should do the trick).

If you want Eventiel Lite, you can also access it at eventiel_lite.html. Cheers!
May 10 2016, 08:32 AM
Hey guys, I'm stopping by to say that I haven't forgotten about TEB or the FE hacking community. In retrospect, it really helped me through some of the loneliest times in my life, and for that I am truly grateful. I feel fortunate to have had this community to fall back on, and I miss you guys! I'll try to stop by more often and say hi every now and again. Hope you all have been doing alright!
Jul 28 2015, 08:44 PM
Didn't see an anniversary post, so in the spirit of old times I present to you a cake:

Jun 22 2014, 11:00 AM
From this day forth, the expected responsibilities and duties of any admin/mod to the great members of TEB include:

1. Transparency. Members and other mods/admins must be notified of all serious actions taken by any admin/mod (i.e., banning/unbanning, appointments of new mods/admins, etc.).

2. Fairness. Admins/mods must not show favoritism to old members or friends. The rules (especially rule #11) are the final say. If a member accuses any admin/mod of showing favoritism, said admin/mod must take this into serious consideration, and if found true, must promptly correct themselves.

3. Promptness. If any member contacts an admin/mod for help, said admin/mod should respond as quickly as possible. If trouble breaks out, the admin/mod should jump in and attempt to resolve the conflict. If an admin/mod makes a mistake, they must promptly apologize and try, to their best efforts, to make things right.

4. Respect. All members are to be shown respect and treated as peers, not subjects. An admin's/mod's job is to serve, not to be served. We're all equals here.

5. A sense of humor. Jokes will be inevitably made. The admin/mod should not only have a cool head, but also be able to laugh at themselves.

6. No Dathing With the exception of Dath, no admins should ever pull a Dath. Announced time away from the forum is fine, but do not magically go missing for a month. Members should be able to reach you in case of a crisis.

Admins/mods are only human and will inevitably make mistakes, but these are the proposed standards TEB will hold them to from now on.

If you all have anything to add, I am all ears.

- Cedar
Feb 5 2014, 11:10 PM
To give non-hackers a chance to participate in future hacking competitions, I decided to make a super simplified version of Eventiel:

Eventiel Lite <-- clicky, clicky

How to use it:

Optional: Select a FE7 map.
(1) Pick a chapter from the dropdown menu labeled "Chapter Map".
(2) Click the "Load selected map" button. After a few seconds, you should see your selected map loaded on the screen.

1a. Add units to the map.
(1) Click a position on the map where the unit should be placed.
(2) Select the character, class, level, side, equipment, and AI the unit should have in the left-most form.
(3) Click the "Add Unit" button in the form. The unit should now appear on the map.

1b. Edit units on the map.
(1) Click on the unit you want to edit.
(2) Make any changes you want in the form AND/OR...
(3) Click a new position on the map (if you want to reposition that unit.)
(3) Click the "Edit Unit" button in the form. The unit should now be edited/moved.
(4) Once you're done editing, click the "Done Editing" button at the top of the form.

1c. Delete units from the map by right-clicking on them.

2. Once you are satisfied with your setup, scroll to the very bottom text box, and copy the code there.

3. Paste the code into a new text file.

4. Plug said text file and a clean FE7 ROM into Event Assembler.

5. Congrats! You can now play your designed setup.

IMPORTANT: If you select a map that is not the Prologue map, the chapter events normally associated with that map will come into play.
For example, if you load the Cog of Destiny map, Vaida and her posse will show up as reinforcements near the beginning of the chapter since it is using the Cog of Destiny chapter events.

Optional: If you want to REMOVE the existing events associated with the map you selected...
(1) Click the checkbox next to "Remove events related to map." This will make some slight changes to the code in the output textbox.
(2) Copy the new output code.
(3) Paste code into a new text file.
(4) Plug this text file and the FE7 ROM you are hacking into Event Assembler.
(5) Congrats, you have now nuked the events associated with your selected map.

Benefits of Eventiel Lite:
- Not as complicated. (You only need to worry about unit positioning and equipment.)
- No extra hacking necessary. (Just copy the generated event code, plug it into Event Assembler with a FE7 ROM, and it's all set to play.)

Of course, with just a small bit of additional Nightmare hacking, you can tweak stats and growths, which could result in a much more interesting chapter.

- Must have Lyn_t (tutorial Lyn) on the map. The death of Lyn_t is the only condition where the game will end, so not having this unit as part of your chapter will allow the game to run forever.
(The exception to this is if you chose NOT to nuke the events associated with your map. Then the game-over conditions associated with the map will apply as well.)

If you DO NOT nuke the existing events related to the map you selected:
- Chapter goals, character conversations, reinforcements, villages, chests, and any other events which are associated with your selected map will still be there. This means some random reinforcements or unrelated dialogue may interrupt your setup, which could be a bad thing. Of course, there are ways you can creatively use this to your advantage (like if you want a "survive x turns" map, you can load a chapter with that goal).

If you DO nuke the existing events related to the map you selected:
- The chapter goal MUST be defeat all, or if you load a chapter map associated with a specific boss, defeat THAT boss.
(For example, if you load the chapter 1 map, you'll need whoever's the boss of chapter 1 to be defeated. Killing Batta, the prologue boss, in chapter 1 will do nothing.)
- No usable doors, chests, villages, houses, shops, etc. Anything requiring extra events cannot be accessed.
Though I suppose it is possible to hack in door, chest, and item-giving village events (or any other dialogue-free location events) since we're just re-using all the FE7 maps. That being said...

- Limited to existing FE7 chapter maps, portraits, animations, stats, growths, music, etc.
Though if you go a small step further and learn some basic Nightmare stuff, you can customize stats/growths pretty easily.

- No story - This tool is designed to make gameplay-only maps.

Things to keep in mind:
- You can change any character's class and level. For example, you can make Lyn_t a level 20 warrior and Batta a level 1 pegasus knight if you so desire.
(This may result in some units having weird weapon levels, but eh. You can easily fix that with Nightmare.)
- All units have auto-leveling. This means if you give any unit a level higher than 1, their stats will automatically be increased by the game depending on how high their level is. So, if you want your units to start the chapter with base stats, always set their levels to 1.

Obviously using this tool alone will NOT help people make great hacks.
It does, however, force people to completely rely on smart unit placement to create an interesting chapter.

I think a hacking competition based on only these things could allow members with very little experience to participate. It could also be judged without members having to play the chapter (much like mapping and spriting competitions). With a little modification, the old FmEm display could be used for displaying people's designed setups on the site, which would allow other members to view unit stats/equipment. This is just something to consider for the future (when I have some more free time, haha).

TODO (mostly for me to remember stuff):
- Improve availability of generic units (there are only a few in the character list, so I'll add more later for variety)
- Stat estimator for generic units (so people who don't want to modify stats via Nightmare can still have units with reasonable stats)
- Make an option for adding door, chest, and item/money-giving village events (can treat doors/chest/village gates like "units" and add them on top of the map)
- Modify old FmEm display to take people's output code and create an interactive display of their designed setup (to view stats/equipment on the site).

As always, any comments on bugs/possible improvements are welcome.
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