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Jun 8 2014, 06:25 PM
Revisions fresh off the presses, finally updated.
Nov 29 2012, 11:37 AM

I come to you, the people of TEB, a desperate, lowly hacker. A man walking through a desert devoid of my own artistic talent, in need of your pixels.

A bit over-dramatic of a start, yeah, but...I need spritez! What for? Well, I've got this new hack, see; a revamp of FE1, The Legend of Marth. I can't sprite worth a damn, all I'm good for is writing and hacking. And hey, I'm happy with those talents, but it leaves me in sort of a predicament when it comes to this sorta stuff. So, I'm hoping to get some help to make this project a beautiful pixelated work. If you've got a favorite character from the Archanea series that you feel inspired to sprite, go for it!

The Compilation Sheet
Naturally I fucked with the characters' ordering a bit so that their recruitments weren't spoiled and redacted some stuff.

Some Guidelines

Right now I'm focusing on the early-game units, since I need their sprites much quicker, but feel free to do whomever you'd like (I'll just hope you're all huge fans of the early units

You don't have to strictly copy the FEDS designs; you can look at the TCG arts and original official art for some retro inspiration. There's plenty of room for creativity, I'd love to have some new iterations of the characters too. In fact, I'd even prefer it if the FEDS mugs weren't too heavily referenced. The proportions are different than GBAFE's standards, and some of the poses (especially those fucking "look at the camera" ones) feel awkward in this new style. Just a few nitpicks, but easy errors to avoid by simply not copying the FEDS mugs directly into GBA style. Most importantly, just feel free to get creative. If you've got a pretty big redesign you want to do, just run the concept by me first through PM.

Company Policy

I'd just like to run through a few standard practices. There are, of course, certain standards of quality to which I aspire. Simple splices are not what we're looking for, although I appreciate the effort put into them. We reserve the right to reject submissions for issues of quality.

On the other end of the spectrum, if something is almost there, but could use a few stylistic changes or touch-ups, we will run it through you. If you can clean things up yourself, that's fantastic. If you'd rather not (or cannot), I'm going to have a quality control team in place to deal with these sorts of issues. If you're vehemently opposed to having others edit your work, I understand. I would hope, however, that spriters would keep an open mind about such things; it's not any sort of insult to your talents, it's simply that we want to improve your work even further. We reserve the right to edit sprites for issues of quality.

And Last But Not Least, Thank You

No, seriously. I mean it. As I said before, I've got no talent when it comes to this stuff. Even still, I love making games. Hacking is a fun hobby of mine; I love to be able to transform my ideas into a reality, I love being able to create, to be able to create things that people enjoy. However, I'm nothing without support from the artistic community. It's supported me strongly in the past, and I'm hoping for some luck the second time around. Seriously, my work would be nothing without the artists that choose to lend a hand. If you take time to work on sprites for this project; thank you. It means a lot to have that kind of support. I'll do my best to create a game that's worthy of your art!

And, without further adieu, let the pixelation begin!
Jul 20 2011, 09:21 PM
I've already posted my hack, Elibian Nights (because, let's face it, I'm an advertising whore), but looking around the place, it actually reminds me of the old FEU and an even older forum, Fire Emblem Anthology. I don't really post much on forums about things besides my project, but I might just be motivated to post here, since I kinda like it here.

Anyways, a few details about me:
- ROM Hacker, author of the FE7 "sequel" Elibian Nights.
- Founder of Fire Emblem Universe, now retired.
- I write stuff. Scripts, poems, etc.
- I hate, hate, hate, HATE chihuahuas.
- I am, at times, "awkwardly political."
- Have the capacity to be quite odd, if my avatar is any indication.
Jul 20 2011, 09:08 PM
Elibian Nights

Background Information

I started this side-project a while back. Originally I called it "Archanean Nights" (title inspired by the first song in Aladdin), the goal was to re-create the BSFE games for people to play. However, the unveiling of FE3DS's downloadable chapters (BSFE chapters included) quickly ended that dream. At that point I had dropped the project entirely. Nayr, however, approached me with a new idea. He proposed I continue the spirit of the hack but rename it "Elibian Nights," creating BSFE chapters for the Elibian characters. At first I didn't particularly want to do this. However, I began to explore the idea. I came up with some ideas of my own, reconciled them with Nayr's ideas, and began working on the first tale.

(Based on the un-released v4)
  • 13 full-length chapters to play!
  • Eliwood's Tale: Lost Resolve (Tale 1)
  • Raven's Tale: Cornwell's Vengeance (Tale 2)
  • Lyn's Tale: Homecoming (Tale 3)
  • Pent's Tale: The Archsage's Pupil (Tale 4)
  • Hector's Tale: A Leader's Trials (Tale 5)
  • Karel's Tale: From Demon to Saint (Tale 6)
  • Zealot's Tale: Clashing Worlds (Tale 7)
  • Tale 8
  • The Final Tale
  • And three gaiden tales.
  • A playable cast of 60 characters!
  • 20 achievements to unlock!
  • Various other features.


Currently eight tales (6 main tales and 2 gaidens) have been completed. There will be two more releases from this point forward (after 2/27/2011); the next one with three new tales and a final one with Elibian Nights' final tale. I hope you enjoy this hack, constructive feedback is more than welcome.


Download Latest Version (v3.7)
Download Older Version (v2 Final)
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