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Feb 12 2017, 02:35 AM
How's everyone doing? This place been good since I've vanished?

I've left cause my interest in fire emblem hacking waned, but I've come back with a renewed vigor on it.


Jun 15 2014, 05:54 AM
What are some of the problems that make FE8 less preferred to hack?

I'm not exactly talking about difficulty of hacking but more towards stuff like, limitations, hard-coded stuff, unhackable stuff, glitches, crashes, etc.

For instance, is it possible to bypass the world map altogether?

I also recalled a glitch regarding ch.5x.

Why I am asking is because I'm debating whether to use FE7 or FE8 for my hack. And just because FE7 is easier doesn't mean I should use it.
Jun 10 2014, 07:58 AM
Well I'm back if anyone cares.

The reason I left was because I lost interest in FE hacking, also losing all of my work too.

However I seem to be going back into it, so I might be active here again.

So whats been going on with Zhack?

When was Sqawl an Admin?
Aug 4 2013, 06:26 AM
Bet most of you forgot who I am. Everyone else probably thought I was comically killed by a flying penguin with a coconut machine gun.

More or less this topic is to address my in-activeness(Very late) and that I might be back now. Maybe...

Also seems I missed the member awards.
Mar 14 2013, 10:42 PM
As all of you know Fire Emblem Awakening gives you the ability to marry your units!

So... Who'd you have your MU/Avatar marry?

For me, I would've prefer harem but this game doesn't allow me that so, I A supported all the girls with my MU/Avatar and then choose.

After watching all the S supports, I chose Anna! And then Morgan became broken.

Although I also have another save to marry another girl(Tiki at the moment.)

Even if you didn't play the game yet, still feel free who you would like to marry in it!
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