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Feb 25 2013, 02:19 PM
So as many of you may or may not know, I am in a band as the lead vocalist. (Rap/Sing)

I want everyone who reads this to first watch this video, it is from our concert last weekend, playing an original song "Four Walls"

This is the first video we put up, it's Guerilla Radio Blindfolded.

The Second video is from our first concert, we're playing "Come Together" by The Beatles.

And our facebook page for those who want to like us

My main purpose in the band is to rap actually, and I did have "solo career," which is where the band name came from. Anyway here is my solo joke rap EP as well.

And that's all for now, I'll share some videos later on when we have more if people show interest in us.

Thanks guys
Feb 2 2013, 12:54 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you,
Project 76

You might have seen a few things here and there about this for the past few months, but it's finally come to be a real thing. It's been a WIP from Squad 76 for at the very least 10 months.

"What is Squad 76?"
Squad 76 is a small group of ROM Hackers/Spriters. The members are myself (fuzz94), ThatGuyDownTheStreet/hithere1, NYZgamer3, AuraWolf and Agro. The group was initially started by Dr. Sholes, but he left the community a while ago.

Hack info:
This is an FE7 seven hack, with completely new events, story, maps, mugs and all. All chocolate. We plan to do this as a full size hack, which we would like to finish some day, and hopefully we will.

Plot synopsis:
The story follows the lives of two mercenaries, named Riven and Harrel. Riven and Harrel were two mercenaries roaming the Kingdom of Ruscara for work. When the king, King Marca's, brother, Malen, killed him for the throne, a rebellion broke out, with Prince Torvin Marca as the leader. However, Torvin went missing. Riven and Harrel were hired to search for the missing prince, but after a long time searching, they never found him. The two settled down in a small town called Sholes and started a small mercenary guild called "The Sholes Blades". After 5 years of a peaceful life, the Rebels return and accuse Riven of handing Prince Torvin Marca over to his deranged uncle, King Malen. Suddenly the two, and the rest of The Sholes Blades, are caught back up with the rebellion and are on the run from the Rebels, and the King's men.


Some extra information about the project:
We are going to have a route split early on that lasts for a few chapters or so, but then concludes with a similar ending. All members of Squad 76 are in this, but (for the most part) with different names. We also are going to have a few custom animations for the lords of the game, but we're not sure when those will be done.


Agro (bulk of the plot to date, serious props to him because the story is a million times better now.)
fuzz94 (initial plot)
ThatGuyDownTheStreet (initial plot)
Dr. Sholes (initial plot)
fuzz94 (most of the events)
ThatGuyDownTheStreet (Stats and growths, some of the events)
Agro (stats and growths)
NYZgamer3 (some of the events)
Prologue Map- Dr. Sholes, Agro, ThatGuyDownTheStreet
Riven Mug- NYZgamer3 and fuzz94
Harrel Mug- ThatGuyDownTheStreet
Dax Mug- fuzz94 (frames and chibi by L95)
Olena Mug- fuzz94 and Mewiyev (frames by L95)
Galton Mug- ThatGuyDownTheStreet
Jayme Mug- ThatGuyDownTheStreet

How you can help!
If you're good at something, whether in a hacking sense of a graphical sense, we would love to have some help. In particular, we could use some assistance in the mugs department, and the battle sprites department. We're pretty set on maps actually. But if you want to lend a hand and become a part of the team we'd love to have you. You can either post here or shoot one of us a PM and tell us how you'd like to get involved.

That's all for now. Tell us what you think!
Nov 27 2012, 09:30 PM
hi guys, my life has a lot less going on in it so I'm back. What's up?
Aug 26 2012, 10:47 AM
Yeah so with the recent events of my life, sadly, I must set off into the sunset.

I've had lots of fun with ROM Hacking in the past year and I've really enjoyed other people's projects and the people I have met online. With a band, getting college applications in, football, summer work for school and my friends and only a 2 weeks left of summer, I have to say good bye for now. ROM Hacking/Spriting/Checking the forums in general takes up alot of my free time i could use doing other things that need to be done.

I'll return some day, but as of now, I must be gone.

So long everyone, it's been real. ~fuzz94
Jun 12 2012, 08:31 PM
Yeah so I have lots of shit here.

Most of these were made with Dimensional Rift in mind, so there are hardly any OCs

These are LOLable. But we all start somewhere

Isaac, Golden Sun

Crono, Chrono Trigger

Riku, Kingdom Hearts

Zero, Megaman X. Used as a joke for my mug in MoH

Well these are also LOLable, but they're better at least.

Zappa, Chrono Cross

Jenna, Golden Sun

Some more sub-par sprites, except for Sheik.

Link, the Legend of Zelda

Laura, FE10

Gatrie, FE9-10

Marle, Chrono Trigger

Sheik. The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time.

These are in the middle of LOLable and good, it was kind of a gap.

Glenn, Chrono Cross... failure

Isaac, Lost Magic...If anyone knows that game.

A personal mug, it needs a revamp.

Made this Isaac Battle Sprite. Sprite was good, animation was not, lol

These ended up in DR, team worked by me and Subieko. I like these, except for Riku.

Isaac Revamp.

Zappa Revamp.

Gatrie Revamp.

Riku Revamp.

Glenn Revamp.

Some other stuff made in that time period

Personal Mug for Arngrim the Berserker. He helped a bit.

Princess Zelda. Twilight Princess version.

A boss for DR and a Splice comp at FEShrine

History of the Splice Competition

Project 76 sprites




Some of My Favorites

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