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Mar 1 2016, 06:21 PM
For some revival maybe, in this thread we think about Fire Emblem characters that would make good (or at least decent) Smash fighters. Perhaps even draft up moves for them. I'll start:

For me it's a toss up between Hector and Ephraim, mainly because
A.) They fill the main character quota that Nintendo seems to have adopted.
B.) Neither of them use swords (MAINLY USE), which would be a nice break from the string they shat at us.

I'm pretty sure either of their Final Smashes would be their promotion, with a limited time in their promoted form.

With Ephraim, I was thinking one of his specials could be the Javelin. It would function similar to Link's bow, where the charge time affects the distance and power. Perhaps Hector could do the same thing with the Hand Axe?

I always wanted one of the FE characters to have a healing move involving the Vulnerary. You would get 3 uses of it and then endure a cooldown time kinda like Robin. It would heal 2-4% DMG per second the button is held down, and maybe make the recharge time equal to the time you spend using it.

Anyway, hit me with your ideas people
Sep 4 2015, 11:15 AM
Woop woop
Aug 20 2014, 11:06 PM
After muuuuuch procrastination as per TEB guidelines, I'm going to start this whole shebang right now as of 11:32 PM CMT. I've decided to gather up all of the unknown (and slightly more known) musical artists I've discovered and make this a recommendation thread. Everything is alphabetical, so for this first post I'll start with the As.


Agent Ribbons: A two-piece (formerly three) group formed sometime before 2006 consisting of Natalie Gordon on guitar and Lauren Hess on drums. It sounds like a combination of garage rock and cabaret music. They have quite the interesting backstory too. Sadly, they've split up not to long ago, although Lauren has moved on with another group called Tele Novella.

Agent Ribbons - Family Haircut

ARMS: An American indie rock band, formed in New York in 2004. Originally a solo project created by ex-Harlem Shakes' guitarist Todd Goldstein, ARMS has since evolved into a four-piece band, with the inclusion of drummer Tlacael Esparza, bassist Matty Fasano, and keyboardist Dave Harrington. Goldstein handles guitar and vocal duties. It definitely sounds like indie rock but it has the intensity of mainstream rock with a pop twist. As far as I'm aware they're still going.
Here's their latest album/EP:

Yes, I know this one is really short. That's because I don't have a lot of As. Consider it a sample of what's to come. I will post more later when I'm not required to sleep.
Aug 10 2014, 10:39 PM

This could have just been something annoying instead of creepy as hell without this text at the bottom.

It's the year 2038 - Liquid capitalism floods the American landscape. Multinational corporations forge and engineer memories. Virtual bread and circuses profiteering on nostalgia pacify the lower class by selling "revisit kits" that allow consumers to relive past moments in their lives. Josh Peck, former child star and semi-successful B-movie actor, falls into depression after the suicide of co-star and BFF Drake Bell. When alcohol and speedballs cease to numb him, he moves to heavy dissociatives including ketamine and PCP. He spends his days in his studio apartment, miles above the rot of the lower class, fucked up on cough syrup, computer duster, and smoking sherm sticks listening to 2000's pop standards while trying to piece together memories of his best friend from back when he was a tubby, tubby McFlubby, an exploitation of overweight kids with lisps. The album deals with his Oprah obsession, his jealousy of Drake's looks and his bi-curious feelings for the boy, the GameSphere, swearing at little kids on a boat, and the human condition.
May 14 2014, 09:31 PM

We now gather in holy and/or unholy communion to celebrate the birthdate of brother Dominotheif.

Have a good one my nigga.
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