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Jun 9 2014, 05:51 PM

Put this URI into your browser to join our Skype chat.


It's just to discuss the games and such live as it happens. If there's not enough interest it might not pan out though, haha. We might not even see Fire Emblem there, though I sincerely hope that's not the case and we get lots of nice footage of at least one Fire Emblem-related game that isn't Super Smash Bros., lol.

Please keep negativity, trolling, etc. to a minimum. Essentially, anyone who considerably detracts from an enjoyable chat atmosphere will be removed. Doubt we'll have any problems, just throwing that out there.
Aug 17 2013, 03:36 PM

We're starting up a twitter that will soon be integrated into the new Fire Emblem Shrine website. It will have the latest in Fire Emblem news, including the newest games, promotions, spotlights, and whatever else, so your support (i.e. followship or w/e it's called on twitter) would be greatly appreciated. =)

Thanks for anyone kind enough to support, you have my heartfelt appreciation. =)

We may also have some giveaways on the twitter later, so that's all the more motivation to follow it--who can say no to free stuff?
Nov 21 2012, 01:13 PM

Nov 3 2012, 12:04 AM


Just a silly talk show thing. Oh, and I uploaded every Fire Emblem soundtrack I could fine to playlists so you can just listen to any soundtrack to your heart's content--and it'll shuffle the songs and stream for you so you don't have to download or anything. It's kind of like building iTunes playlists except anyone can view them from anywhere with Flash and internet XD

Anyhow, feel free to discuss it here. If anyone from TEB wants to have an episode where we discuss TEB and/or the Zombie Hack for fun, let me know.
Oct 31 2012, 01:38 PM
Hey guys~

I know there's a topic for this but I'm a nub and I want to make my own topic. I feel that these issues would benefit more from not being appended to a thread about more general and often lesser suggestions--not trying to be egotistical, I just like to be a bit organized on how I do things. XP

First of all, as you guys know, you have a greater forum. But IMO it could benefit from a few things. Whether you agree with this or not is totally up to you, and given how successful the site is, I would definitely take outside opinions with a grain of salt. ^_^

With that, let's start:

- at the top, there is a link to "Forums" and "The Emblem Brigade"--I find it redundant as they both link to the same thing.
- In the affiliates, practically every site there except the FEShrine is dead. FE Roleplaying is actually a little bit active, but they've moved. I'd definitely update the affiliates accordingly.
- Domain name. rawr. I think you guys could use a domain name. If money is an issue, I'd be happy to sponsor you guys without asking for anything in return. I know I only ever lurk the boards, but TEB is kind of what FEShrine used to be before we started getting too many trolls and our vets ran off and shit, so I only wish the best for you guys.
- The hacking forums could be cleaned up a bit, IMO. I just think there are way too many forums and they aren't netting enough activity. At the very least, the non-FE hacks section seems to be dying out, and I find myself scrolling a -TINY- bit too much when going from top to bottom
- The Swordmaster Red theme has this weird image in it--if you try it, you'll probably see what I mean: I think it should be fixed and maybe while you're at it move the Shoutbox to the top of the page instead of to the bottom as to be consistent with the other themes
- It seems like you can't access some of the menu features (Shop, Army, etc.) in the Awakened theme. This might be the case with the other theme but I'm not out to get you guys so I didn't really check, lol

That's about it for now, let me know what you think ^_^
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