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Aura Wolf


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Jul 24 2014, 02:20 PM
Voting ends on Sunday, July 27th.
Kinda have to vote for Nodney lol
Jul 7 2014, 03:33 PM
or something
Hope it's a great one!
Jun 29 2014, 03:28 PM

much guest
many lurk

Jun 24 2014, 12:47 PM

Bern tileset(palette not required) <-- Mountain&Shrines I'm pretty sure
At least 1 village and 2 bridges

Idk it has to be a vertically orientated map(Y higher than X)

Rule crap
(New/edited ones are bolded):
- Make it original. Please
- Unless the requirements include a specific tileset, you may use any of the GBA FE tilesets and Feaw's custom tilesets (Look around on a forum that isn't TEB).
- The winner can add more (or less) requirements than a tileset and a size. It can be from "remake this map" (If it's this, it has to be....Idk how to phrase it, reasonable to remake. Example: early Final Fantasy maps) to "Have this tile arrangement on the map"

They would have to have that somewhere in their submission) Just remember that the requirements are for the map itself, not how you do it. So don't add stupid crap like "Hop on one foot when you do this", though I think you guys should know that XD
- If the tileset requirement just says "overworld", you must use a tileset that's like the one in the image above. If it's "outdoors"...yeah. Use an outdoor tileset then, like overworld XD
- Hosts can enter, obviously
- One map per member.
- Post your size, and make sure it's accurate aka don't lie lol
- If you submitted an entry, you must vote for someone other than yourself
- If the outcome of the voting is obvious (6+ more votes than the second person) , there are at least 10 total votes, and there's only one day of voting left, the host can close the voting early.

Ten days is the original deadline; if there are at least three entries, then proceed with voting.
If not, then another ten days are given, and if there are at least two entries at that point in time, then proceed with voting.
If after another set of ten days, and there are no entries, then the previous winner must pick a different set of requirements. If there is only one entry, then it is an "auto-win".

Winners - Tallies (Last round's winner is bolded =3)
Aura- 9
Snow- 7
Cam- 4
Sqawl- 4
Cedar- 1
Ciraxis- 1
Cat- 1

Deadline: Thursday, July 24th

Adding in the round by round count makes the entire post go blank (too big of a post I guess), so I won't be doing that anymore lol
Jun 21 2014, 09:49 PM
Closing this in 24 hours or so

Voting for Cat
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