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Feb 21 2017, 05:20 AM
((Whoops, I've been sidetracked by things))
Magvel, Year of the Stone 801.
The bustling city of Serafew on the Grado-Renais border.

Despite the state of Grado as a whole, the walled city of Serafew is booming as it always has been, a home to the world of commerce, and a place where scholars of every nation congregate and share knowledge of both the mundane and the magical. Many renowned mercenary companies also call this city home, and strong men and women from all around Magvel flock to their recruitment calls.

What brings you to this grand city?

The evening sun hangs lazily in the air.

A somewhat scrawny brown-haired lad, around seventeen, sits head-on-knees in front of one of the busiest taverns in Serafew. His single leather shoulderpad seems too large for him, an empty quiver is propped against the wall, an un-strung bow lies in the crook of his legs, and a dagger has slipped out of it's holster on his leg.
His stomach grumbles at anybody who passes him by, and every few minutes he sighs and mumbles to himself.

Feb 21 2017, 04:37 AM

Eye of the Storm
This RP takes place on the continent of Magvel, two years before the start of The Sacred Stones.
Some bulletpoints for ya-

+The emperor of Grado, Vigarde, is on his deathbed, soon to succumb to a disease he has long fought. Lyon, his son, is seen by the other nobles as a weak and ineffectual successor. Many now vie for the power of the crown in any which way they can think of. Some of the bolder nobles plot to assassinate Lyon and assume power, or to secede from the Empire and consolidate their own power.

+Bandits and highwaymen seem to be a much more common sight around the lands these days. The work of a mercenary has been much more lucrative lately, as the lords of the land have generally been much more reluctant to proffer military aid.

Righty-ho. No signups required, though it'd be nice if you give short blurbs on at least character appearances either here or in your introductory post.(I'll be updating this post with character names and blurbs as I get 'em.)
No real rules, just keep it civil, try not to godmod, and keep Out of Character in here or in double parenthesis in the actual topic like this ->((Hey guys, I think Cero sucks donkeys, and you should all try to murder his character if he makes one))
No over-arching plot decided just yet, let's take it wherever it goes.


Name: Monday

Description: A disheveled brown-haired teen from Grado, about 17. He wears a green collared shirt with a slightly misfit leather shoulderpad. His bow is of good make, and his quiver hangs from his belt. More skilled than his looks belie, though he still has the aura of a total loser. His father is actually a rather well off baker, and his mother a live-in maid for a wealthy noble in Grado.

Name: Feleo

Age: 17

Feleo's origins lie in mystery, but he's been a prodigy at his art of wielding magic since very early into his childhood. His specialty is to create flames of black fire, that leave behind burns more severe than any normal conjured flame and are said to even scorch the soul. However his power came with a price... The loss of his only family. Desperate to find a way to return them no matter what, the young mage has struck an alliance with Daniel to hopefully find a certain tome of dark magic said to be lost in Grado. Of course that shady fact is kept a secret from his new and potential new allies... Since he needs their help to get the answers he seeks.

Name - Daniel "Danny" Fitch

Age - 23

Description - Medium length brown hair, green eyes, and decent scruff on his face. Essentially a young version of my avatar.

Bio - Danny was born in Grado to a family of minor noble standing. He'd never be in line for the throne, but he'd never be hungry or go lacking in any way. When he was old enough, his parents arraigned a marriage to a woman of another minor noble family, however fearing that lifestyle, he ran away and formed a mercenary company stationed in Jehanna. Now with the Emperor's seeming demise at hand, he returns home, thinking of using the chaos to procure a contract to provide stability during the transition.

Name: Zer'Gezan (Originally just Gezan, name zer was added as joke and it means buttercookie)

Age: ???(41)

Nation: ???(Frelia)

Appearance: Large man, hiding in his heavy silvered armor that has burn marks on it. Under the armor is man with short black hair and beard, dark green left eye and burned right side of face which lacks the eye completely.

Bio: Known from his unique fighting style of dual wielding lance and sword simutaniosly, Gezan was once surprisingly promising knight trainee on Frelia. He had wife, baby daughter, knights pay and small house. He lost them all because one mage fancied his girl, got rejected and in his anger decided to throw elfire at their house. Wooden structure didn't last for long and Gezan, who was returning from his shift, rushed in trying to save his loved ones. His wife had died covering their daughter from falling debris and while he managed to grab his daughter, house collapsed just as he was about to exit. Last thing he remembered before passing out was the said mage taking his daughter from him.

Upon recovering, he decided to abolish his knighthood and head out to hunt the mage that stole his daughter. It has been ten years from that day and while he isn't making any progress with the hunt, he is nowhere near to giving up.

Name: Kevin, the Construction Worker

Age: 532

Nation:Demon Dimension

Appearance: Kevin is a giant eyeball wearing a human sized construction hat. He also has a belt with a ruler, hammer, and screwdriver.

Bio: Kevin was a regular construction worker for the demon army. He loved his job and showed up every day, and has done so for the past 400 years. Unfortunately one day when he was scoping out the new building spot, he found a glowing crack in the ground. Upon further inspection, Kevin fell into the crack and right into a town in Serafew.

Kevin will likely want to assist Lyon if he ever hears about him, since he is the only one capable of sending him home.

Name: Elma

Age: 30

Description: Long dark blue hair going down to her shoulders. Wears long heavy dark robes with complicated yellow embroidery on it. Stern looking face. Is moderately muscular but is concealed by her clothes.

Elma is a very accomplished Shaman. Every since she was little she had an affinity for the magic arts but her monstrous curiosity drew her to the elder magic. Elma published a writing on how dark magic can be used for practical everyday use which cause her to be scouted by Grado's prince Lyon. Ever since this happened Elma has grown a monstrous ego. Because of this her peers loathe working with her and constantly try to get her assigned to minor work. This environment coupled with her ego turned her to drinking to drown her sorrows of them not recognizing her greatness. Nowadays you can find her drinking herself into a stupor and doing minor research for the palace.

Feb 19 2017, 06:47 AM
===Current Status of Project===

Basic Planning, Idea Brainstorming


If you nerds don't mind, I'm going to be using this as a planning area for a random project I'm going to be starting up and working on, and as a way to monitor my workflow on it (Hope you don't mind double-posting.)
Feedback is appreciated from anybody who would offer it.

This post is going to be reserved for the current status of the project, and will be updated if and when it hits a milestone.

Further information to follow, possibly later in the day.
Feb 17 2017, 03:55 AM
Made any awesome pulls?
Wreck nerds in arena?
Having trouble with Veronica, or whatever her name is?
Feel like bragging about your level fifty million plus twelve Lyn?

Here's a place to have random-ass discussions.
I've managed to get my grubby mitts on Marth and Lyn so far :'>

I wish you could turn in a ton of feathers for an orb or somethin'.
Feb 17 2017, 03:31 AM
I'll write up opening posts for the first three options, and leave the poll open through to Sunday evening.

Will anyone but Cero show up?!
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