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Jan 13 2016, 06:42 PM
What if second seals and other branch type class change items had more than 1 use and simply quick transformed characters before an attack?

Example Character:

Normal Inventory:
Iron Sword (Equipped)
Mercenary's Badge 20/20 (Equipped) Description: Adopt the mercenary role.
Magicians Band 20/20 Description: Adopt the Mage role.

You could Use the second seal to transform as normal after a move or without moving as though they were normal items. This uses one durability as normal.

Or when you select the attack command, you can choose the Swap/Transform/Whatever you Call It button and it'll open up the class inventory, where you can choose which class to use when attacking. Durability will only be consumed if swapping class and there will be a quick animation DURING the battle (character shines and transforms or w/e really quickly).

Should a character have nothing in their class inventory, they'll just stay the class they currently are in.

Instead of "re-leveling" characters, the level becomes a representation of the Character as a whole and represents their overall training in what they're good at (so whichever 3 classes they are set to), rather than the class defining the character.

Stats would not shift, but growths would (so you can time level ups to benefit certain roles over others). Growths where roles drop Strength or Magic entirely will have heavy modifiers (so switching from Mercenary to Mage would reduce strength a lot and increase magic a lot, and vice versa).

The Second Seal would become a unique item that lets you switch between all classes available to the character (less inventory space taken).

Select Enemy AI would also use this mechanic (the more expert the unit, the more likely they will be able to adapt/react to player strategies).

By giving these durability, you have to think about when to transform, and classes individually will be weaker adaptability wise. Also you can trade them between characters for extra shenanigans, but you have to be careful with item usage.

An anti RNG stat system may be needed for some characters to shine at mixed roles but I dunno how it would work. Some kind of stat training system where failed stats generate points that can be spent, where high stats cost more to increase than low stats maybe based on Offense Vs Defense? Dunno.

So, thoughts? Too tedious of a player turn by adding an extra UI selection before attacking? Or does it allow for more interesting compositions and character development since you train Characters more than you train classes. In theory, it should be Characters are good at doing a certain thing, rather than a Character is the best at being this one class because of optimizations.
Jul 14 2014, 05:21 PM
If you didn't already know (you probably didn't), I recently graduated from UCSC with a BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design.

Since it's summer, I've decided to keep my coding in shape by trying to implement Fire Emblem in Unity2D (the Engine).

The goal is to make the scripts open ended enough so that people can easily add characters, levels (with "events"), and equipment to create a "Fire Emblem Hack" so to speak.

Since this is basically Fire Emblem mechanics/core loop being made in C#, feel free to suggest any desires that were difficult to do through hacking or just plain anything you might want (within reason), and I'll try adding it in.

DISCLAIMER: I'm really lazy and I'll probably take forever to finish this project, so don't expect anything from it, I'm here to generate a discussion about it and Fire Emblem mechanics as a whole, so we can try to improve the FE experience.

Here are screenshots of progress!

Edit 1: Lol, just noticed I put magicProcs instead of magicProfs.
Jun 17 2014, 02:04 PM

Thoughts? Any IPs/Franchises you'd like to see bought by other companies?
Mar 14 2014, 02:05 PM
Just a thought, but since Nintendo has decided to add characters like Megaman and Little Mac (yey!), what other characters do you think would really fit?

My Example:

Ringabel Braves in!

B: Dark Bane
Charging Projectile (hold the button down and release)
Spend 2-10% damage to shoot a projectile. At 10%, changes to Black Bane, which shoots a projectile at every opponent (not homing).
Class change to Dark Knight after use.

Foward B: Mimic
Copies the last special ability (from any character) to hit you, but you still take damage from it (no/reduced knockback).
Class change into Freelancer after use.

Up B: Jump
Leap straight up into the air, then plummet downward and forward striking enemies in the path.
Class change into Valkyrie after use.

Down B: Stillness
Adopt a stance that negates all damage taken, but you can still be launched. Lasts for a bit after the stance ends. If someone hits you, Ringabel will cast Cura, healing himself for half the damage the attack would have done over the next few seconds.
Class change into Spiritmaster after use.

Final Smash: Bravely Second -> Special
Freeze all enemies in place for 3 seconds. Input a special attack to get a different Special.
Dark Knight: Katana Level 3 Tiny AoE
Freelancer: Sword Level 3 Tiny AoE
Valkyrie: Spear Level 3 Hits Large Area, if not Field
Spiritmaster: Staff Level 3 Tiny AoE

Special class traits:
Dark Knight: All standard attacks do 30% more damage, but deal 2% damage to Ringabel. Dark Bane does 50% more damage and costs 50% more damage.

Freelancer: All attacks do 1 more percentage point of damage (unless multihit). All damage taken is reduced by 10%.

Valkyrie: All aerial attacks do 25% more damage. Jump changes into High Jump, increasing its height and horizontal distance. Standard jumps gain more height.

Spiritmaster: Any attack with an elemental component only does half damage to Ringabel. Ringabel will use Curaga instead of Cura, healing him for 100% of the damage he would have taken when cast. Own attacks are reduced by 1 percentage point (unless multihit).

Ringabel always starts in Freelancer.
May 24 2013, 04:11 PM
Anyone attempt this yet? I'm on Secret Battle #4, it's ridiculous. 10 turn time limit!
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