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1. No flaming (flat-out insulting or offending another member) or trolling (provoking other members to anger for personal entertainment) on the boards, or anywhere, really.

2. No links to pornography or just porn itself. The member-base of TEB often includes people under 18 years of age, and it needs to be a welcoming place for everyone.

3. No illegal material or links to it. That includes ROMS, warez, and other assorted illegal things. Additionally, asking where to find such materials is prohibited.

4. No spamming, unless it is on a board that was created specially for spam. Spam is the posting of messages that are completely irrelevant to the topic of discussion. Some think that SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, but in reality the term originated from a Monty Python sketch where every meal at a restaurant contained a healthy helping of spam.

5. No asking to be a staff member, veteran or legend. We will promote you if you qualify for the position.

6. Make sure you post your topic in the correct forum, on the correct board. It helps to keep the boards nice and tidy. (note: "thread" is an alternate term for "topic" that you may often see used.)

7.The only place you are be allowed to advertise in is your signature. We do not plan on making an advertising board, so do not try to persuade us. Since it falls under the same category, do not push us into trying to make this forum identical to yours. Although suggestions are okay, such behavior is extremely annoying and unnecessary.

8. Necroposting is a no-no. Necroposting is posting in a dead topic, unless it benefits the topic. A topic has died when it has gone a month with no new posts.

9. Don't plagiarize. There is a very good chance that you will get banned for stealing stories, sprites, and hacks/whatever. If you somehow accidentally picked it up from somewhere, the proper owner will most likely notify you. If so, please remove it immediately. Don't try swiping something thinking no-one will notice, because people always notice their own work used elsewhere.

10. You may only have one account. Unless you have a legitimate reason for this (i.e. multiple members living in the same house), you will be perma-banned if we see that two users have the same IP address.

11. Be nice to other members during your stay here. A caring heart is a happy heart!

12. Mind your post quality. This includes grammar and comprehensibility. It's important that you communicate in a way so that others can understand you.

-Destran, Dath, Sqawl, and the rest of the TEB staff