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> Blood;Tune, 魔法科学RP
Grumpy Uncle Robbel
 Posted: Mar 3 2014, 07:38 AM
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Minako stopped death in her tracks and looked at the weird creatures. She just barely didn't pee in her panties of fear, but the looks of the beast called a Chimera made her feel weak and stiff. She just stood there frozen, not moving a single muscle, unable to do anything. She finally realised that this all wasn't a dream. It was real, so damn real.


Sqawl: I guess that I should be thankful that it rained during the morning and early afternoon, so I didn't have to hear the FUCKING FIREWORKS then.
Robbel: So it was a fireworks orgy?
Sqawl: yes
Flame Emblem: And they came on my foot
 Posted: Mar 31 2014, 07:24 PM
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Emiko chased after Bach until they reached the chimera. Is this what a chimera really is? Emiko fell to her knees, terrified of the beast. They didn't stand a chance, did they? When the creature shrieked, Emiko cringed in fear, but quickly got back up. "B-Bach..." she said, her lips quivering, "are you sure we can defeat this thing? D-do we really...stand a chance?"

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 Posted: Apr 30 2014, 02:27 PM
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Like the other girls, Noriko found herself paralyzed in fear for a moment, wincing as the chimera screeched.
We need to hold it together, she thought. "W-Well, it's three against one, so..." She couldn't stop her voice from trembling... but her fear was replaced with guilt as she watched the thing rampaging. Here she was in this magical getup, watching people who were truly helpless... could they even see the thing? Noriko couldn't recall having seen something like this before in Kyōto or anywhere else. "Let's go!" she cried, still sounding scared but running forward anyway to throw an arcing bolt of electricity at the chimera as it climbed atop another car: hopefully the metal would help her shots hit their mark.

((sincerely sorry for being lazy it's a day short of a necro okay?! *stabbed*))
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