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Aug 28 2014, 03:48 AM
Once upon a time, when the grass grew greener, the trees grew taller, and the sun shone more brightly than it does today, there was a bustling little border town, built along the Great River and affiliated to no one where adventurers far and wide ventured to for taking their first step towards their quests into the Enchanted Lands...
To that same town headed a young and beloved prince, who's hair was as blue as the clearest skies to find some men that would help him rescue a dear friend, a friend others only knew as the Princess of Schwarzvalt.
However that task proofed to be more than difficult among these mix of adventurers, who all were kind of different from what he expected.
“And here I thought I'd find heroes and chivalrous knights of both kingdoms combined.” Astra sighed, sitting on the edge of the great spring that can be found at the center of town. “I can't just go alone... “ He mumbled, watching people and creatures of every shape and size pass, wondering if any got the information he left behind in one of the taverns that was run by an old and seemingly trustworthy couple, who he asked to send any honest adventurer to him, as he will wait where he is now, with handsome pay if they'd accept.
“Well... At least I don't have any guard hounding me here.” He concluded then, closing his eyes to rest them a little. Don't worry, princess... Even if I might not find people to aid me, I will come for you or die trying.
Aug 21 2014, 04:21 PM
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess in a rich and peaceful kingdom ruled by men...
So beautiful that she made the neighboring Queen, of an equal as rich and wonderful kingdom, really jealous. So jealous that the Queen would hire a band of rogues to kidnap the princess, and lock her away in a far away, desolate land none dared to enter... For it was said to be a bewitched land, full of vast and unimaginable treasure but also dark and dangerous creatures, which even the king's best men could not best.
And so, as the years pass, the king in his desperation proclaimed to the people that whoever may return his daughter, shall rule the kingdom and can keep whatever they find in the bewitched lands. But who will succeed in this fairy tale quest? Or will they even go after the princess at all?
Only the ones successful enough may tell...


[b]Other Notes:[/b]


General Information

Fairytale World - Think “The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe” or also known as "Narnia" sort of universe. Medieval and Magic, and a little bit of futuristic. (I allow guns and that stuff, based on Magictech)

King's Kingdom - Schwarzvalt
Simple Kingdom, with lots of plains, a mountain range, and forests. Mostly recognizable for it's black and red colors, as well it's brave men and fine weapon craft, owning the best and most durable ore known in the Kingdoms – Mithril.

Queen's Kingdom - Weissvalt
Almost exactly the same as the King's Kingdom, just with a bit more mountains with snowy tops, as well great, pristine lakes. Kingdom colors here are white and blue. Only kingdom that has access to the more 'advanced' weaponry of Magictech, by mining enchanted crystals that are the 'main part' of these weapons. They are also known in their refined state as Cores.

The Great River
A great and ancient river that splits the Kingdoms, it's origin coming from somewhere within the Enchanted Lands.

Enchanted Lands - Bewitched Lands; Forbidden Lands
Mysterious, ever-changing lands that are first and foremost surrounded by a deep, ocean of forests. Inside the land you'll find swamps, deserts and other plains. It depends cause it maaaaagical~




Name: Prince(ss) Astra of Weissvalt
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Kingdom: Weissvalt


(Not mine!!!, found it when browsing Kirby Gijinkas under this User - All credit for the drawing/sketch goes to him/her and him/her alone.
Coloration was done by V'man/AltEisen though, thanks buddy!)


Good guy, really only wants to do the right thing and return the princess to her kingdom because he's not okay with what his mother has done. He does not want the throne of Schwarzvalt, and hopes that he may be able to have the kingdoms work together instead of against each other. Often mistaken for as a girl, which embarrasses him though he's not one to viciously convince otherwise. In general, very friendly guy who thinks of others first and foremost, closely followed by his kingdom. However he can be quite uncomfortable and demanding when he wants to, especially to his own countrymen when seeing something is terribly wrong. Not good with secrets or hiding his feelings.

Being the Prince of Weissvalt, his life was fairly spoiled. Despite this he does not take his fortune for granted and works hard to become future king and a master in martial arts and a wide arrange of weaponry. His favorite so far being the lance, which he decided on after several visits to his kingdom's armies training grounds under disguise of a simple soldier, so they would not recognize him as their prince and make it easy on him. Speaking of he proved to be a prodigy in that period, though was not allowed to from any sort of contact with the soldiers in that time under the eyes of his supervisors from the White Guard, which are the elite soldiers of his mother hired for her and his protection. However when he found out the princess of the neighboring kingdom has been kidnapped, and that it was the work of his mother, he ran away from the castle grounds to set out and return the princess, not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because they are childhood friends, unbeknownst to their parents. So far though he has not been successful yet in passing through the enchanted forests by himself, and he's constantly on the run from the men of his mother, who want to return him to his place in the castle and stop him in his quest on command of his envious and overly protective mother.

Other Notes:
Very feminine, despite training the moment he could walk. He also has ridiculous hair growth, so that he gave up cutting it, which doesn't help with his appearance. This is why he's also known as 'Princess of Weissvalt' and up till this day, people not that familiar with the Weissvalt royal family still think he truly is a princess.

On note of his weapon, it's Magictech based with a light Core as it's attribute, that creates an ethereal, golden shining but equal to steel hard blade. It can also take form of a small pole and expand into it's lance form by twisting the middle part of it that normally serves as the grip.


Maria Clementine
The Great River (Schwarzvalt)

Maria wears the usual apparel of smiths, leather apron and mithril spark guards. She has chesnut colored hair and eyes. Her mithril gauntlets are unique in that they are enchanted with the power of fire. On her back is her satchel which she carries her materials and portable anvil in.

Maria is a loner who secludes herself to he smithing and enchanting. Although the few friends she has, she cherishes and protects with her very life. Up until a few weeks ago, she had no interest
in either kingdom, let alone rescuing a princess. Now something in her is telling her to save the princess and assume her rightful place as ruler of Schwarzvalt...

Maria is on of the last of her kind, one of the few who still remember the ancient practice of the Enchanters. She was raised in a small village on the River's coastline, by her mother. She was
taught the ways of smithing by her mom. At about the age of 12 she wandered of into the river, and was abducted by a mermaid who taught her the ancient ways of the Enchanters. Since then she's lived alone, never returning to her home. She practiced her craft, specializing in fire. Unlike the Cores of Weissvalt, enchantments were easily applied in half the time with greater the power.

Other Notes:
She weilds a variety of weapons which she builds when the need arrises.


Name: Ludger Alexandrov
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Kingdom: Weissvalt


A sarcastic guy. He doesn't take serious things seriously and instead tends to make fun of it and tries to find a humorous and bright side to it. This in turn makes many people see him as insensitive. He is an earnest man that is willing to help people if he knows them enough. He isn't great at following directions though, and prefers to go about things his own way.

Ludger lived his life in a decent home with his parents and older brother. His father was a soldier for the royal army while his mother was a bartender at a local pub. Ludger and his brother learned how to use a lance from their father who used the lance as his weapon. After becoming of age to join the royal army Ludger applied to join just like his older brother had. Unfortunately for Ludger, he failed the test to join for not following protocol and overestimating his own strength. Ludger tried again with his brother as his examiner this time. He failed again this time, but because his brother had rigged his test so that he couldn't pass. Disheartened by his second failure, Ludger took up being a bartender at a pub. Later on Ludger incurred quite a bit of debt from medical bills because of an accident he was a part of. He recovered fully but the charges were too much for him to pay. Hoping to get riches from the royal family, Ludger set out to find the princess in order to get money to pay off his debt.

Other Notes:
Fights using dual pistols and a lance (it has a similar shape to a halberd). He trained himself to be able to switch between using them fairly quickly. Has the strength to swing his lance with moderate speed in one hand. The pistols are holstered on his hips while the lance is strapped to his back.

The pistols are Magitech made with a fire core as its base. This makes his shots fire based and if he charges a shot up enough, it can a equate to a pseudo flamethrower.


Name: Issai Chihiro (一切千博) "Kiseki no Gekai (Miracle Surgeon)"
Age: 22 (??)
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Most likely)
Kingdom: Enchanted Lands - Bewitching Lands; Forbidden Lands (Origin) Currently in Weissvalt


She also has a mysterious operating scar below her belly.

A very kindhearted girl, considerate and affectionate. She charges her patients very little, only increasing her fees if she knows them to be wealthy enough to pay. As a result, she is much loved by the people of the Kingdom. She always puts the well-being and happiness of others before her own, and is very composed and gentle. She seems to be always smiling, and seems very happy at almost all times for some reason. Otherwise, she is an enigma who seems to hold many many secrets. Very slow to anger. She enjoys the company of men.

Hailing from a mysterious faraway land far beyond the border, Chihiro came to Weissvalt for reasons unknown to all but herself. There, she quickly made a name for herself and settled down as a Surgeon, with a much higher operational success rate than all her colleagues through the use of exotic foreign practices only she knows. So much so that she became known as a miracle worker, and her name became known across not only the Kingdom, but word of it also spread to Schwarzvalt and beyond the river. However, soon after she had entered Weissvalt, a string of serial killings began in the country, all victims being men of various social positions. It went relatively unnoticed until a Marquis was found dead in a brothel, completely naked, with his genitalia surgically and cleanly removed, along with all the associated organs from his disemboweled body. The police then went on to investigate, only to find 39 similar cases across the country, most of which the victims were of lower class background, with a few reportedly missing middle and upper middle classmen. When news of the serial killings reached the ears of the public, Chihiro decided for reasons known only to her that she would embark on a quest to aid the rescue of a foreign princess...

Other Notes:
Always carries her various surgical tools and medicines on her, and a wide wardrobe that she carries in a suitcase, from her favourite white lab coat to dresses to swimsuits to lingerie. She always has multiple scalpels on her at all times, and seems to carry other larger cutting tools with her too, from knives to exotic foreign curved swords of various names, such as "Wakizashi," "Katana," and "Nodachi." In addition, a well-learned chemist who can concoct her own compounds; namely anesthetics and analgesics, among other things, to aid in the operational procedure.


Name: Alucard Alexandrov
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Sports a trench coat. Has long dark hair and a necklace given to him by his mother. Extremely tall and muscled. He seems intimidating to anyone standing in his way.

For the most part a serious yet sarcastic man and he has his younger brother set as a high priority. He has high standards for people when it comes to making them brothers in arms, so can be strict. However Alucard is a kind person at heart and can brighten people's days if he needs to. Extremely protective of his younger brother

Alucard lived his life in a decent home with his parents and younger brother. His father was in the army and his mother worked as a bartender. In his younger years Alucard learned, alongside his brother, how to wield a lance from his father. Alucard however was struggling with the lance. So he practiced using the blade and magictech guns secretly. Alucard trained every single day to become stronger than his father. Alucard envied all that were stronger than him so he constantly trained in order to be the best. As soon as Alucard was a suitable age he applied to join the army and passed with flying colors. None challenged him on the account of his being larger and seemingly more skilled than the others. Alucard then climbed the ranks in hopes that he could lead his brother along with him to greatness. Alucard trained his brother further in lances even though Alucard wasn't the best in wielding lances. He saw that Ludger, his brother, had plenty of potential.

As Alucard continued climbing the ranks in the army his reputation continued to go up. So one day the queen ordered the best person she knew for a certain job: Alucard, and that job was to kidnap the princess. The queen told him that Alucard would have to silence or kill the bodyguards of the princess then kidnap her. It was then the night of the kidnapping and Alucard had only planned to knock out the bodyguards to avoid casualties. However this plan went downhill quickly when the bodyguards saw him and tried to kill him. He knew he had no other choice because if anyone found out, his rank, family, and entire life would be at risk. Alucard then killed both of them with their own weapons as to avoid suspicion toward him. Alucard kidnapped the princess and brought her to where she was to be.

Later however, Alucard felt an immense amount of hatred toward himself and the queen for the mission he had to do. He now knew that his brother shouldn't be in the army. As he would be forced to do terrible things.

Ludger then decided to apply for the army, luckily however, he failed the first time. Alucard that day was thankful but gave the impression that he was upset. Then Alucard was concerned that Ludger might be able to join, but couldn't earlier because of a fluke toward Alucard. Alucard then hoped that Ludger would give up. However, Ludger intensely trained for his next application, and Alucard asked his superior to make Alucard that day's supervisor. He accepted Alucard's terms and then Alucard examined Ludger. Ludger was amazing with his lance and executed his attacks near-flawlessly, however Alucard rigged the test to one of his own so that it was near-impossible to beat so that he couldn't join. Ludger failed the test so he became a bartender. Alucard hated himself more than ever because he destroyed his brother's dreams. Alucard then decided to drop out of the army because he couldn't bear the regret of kidnapping the princess and not letting his only brother to pursue his dream.

Sadly however later his brother was in an accident, and the bills were expensive. Alucard then became a high-end mercenary/bodyguard for anyone who wanted his services in order to pay off his brother's bills. Upon hearing of Ludger's wishes, Alucard decided that he'd help his brother.

Other Notes:
Alucard fights using dual pistols and two moderately large one and a half handed swords that are similar to katanas, yet larger. Due to his size Alucard can wield large weapons with relative ease. He has the swords strapped along his back and the pistols at his side. Due to his large size in unarmed combat he excels many people.
His pistols are Magictech with a fire core. It's modified so that if charged it can shoot a burst that explodes with a fiery explosion.


Name: Cybele
Age: She's lost track. Considered a young adult for a Faerie.
Gender: Female
Race: Faerie
Kingdom: Schwarzvalt, originally enchanted lands.

Here. Size is normally very small, able to fit in the palm of a hand, but can use magic to appear the size of an average human.

Curious, calm (but very excitable), a bit cautious of humans. Prone to the odd trick with magic.

Cybele grew up with a group of faeries who had secreted themselves away in fear of the growing kingdoms of humans, and the deforesting, pushing them back from what is now Schwarzvalt. She was considered a bright young thing, apt in magic, and some thought she could be a future elder. Cybele, however, was a curious girl, and wanted to see what was outside her small world. This put her at odds with most of her people, and eventually, after numerous heated run-ins, she just set off, abandoning everything and everyone she knew, but not before stealing a few things to help on her way.

Arriving in outer Schwarzvalt, Cybele quickly became awed by even the smallest of things, of which she had only heard of in lectures previously. Her naïveté, however, got her in trouble, and she found herself caught in a trap by some humans looking for a 'pet'. Fleeing, she lost herself in a maze of tunnels. Tired and scared, she hid away in a mithril vein, and rested. Waking to the noise of people, Cybele bolted out, scaring both herself and the miners. She managed to fly to the exit, and looked around to find herself in what felt like a whole new world. Everything had changed. The people, the king, and Cybele herself. Looking in a pond, she saw that she'd taken on a blue hue, and felt subtly different. Powerful. More aware.

Deciding to take this opportunity up, she headed to the city, and began to observe people, learning how the new world worked. She never saw another faerie that looked like her, but it stopped bothering Cybele after a while, as she began to make a name for herself in the city for her uniqueness. She practiced her magic in private, noting how it had changed slightly from those of her kin. She'd grown used to city life, until the curiosity rose up in her again. Hearing of the missing princess, she decided to head off, as it was a good enough reason to explore the lands unknown.

Other Notes:

Cybele emits a blue light in the dark from mithril absorption, and has some increased durability from it.


Go ahead and put up your characters! Use you imagination! Neither Kingdom is good or bad~
Jul 30 2014, 12:40 PM
Hey everybody! Here's Ysera.

You probably noticed my inactivity over the days and I wanted to give a short heads up why.

The last couple of weeks were very rough and my health got worse with each day. On Thursday I ended up in the hospital, being sent there from school for unexplainable reasons... I only got out today for the first time and have a few but not all answers to why.

What they found was that I have really low blood pressure, pretty basic but since that Thursday I feel pressure on my neck and chest every once in a while, which doesn't fade away over the last couple days.
When I start crying about it though, I feel better... And I can't control said crying, to which we all now suspect that I probably suffer from light Panic Attacks
Due to that I will only creep for a while until I've visited a few other doctors and make sure that everything is alright and start working on my symptoms to not feel like crap each day.
Regardless I am happy for winning the TEB awards that I did, and I'm sorry I couldn't come vote myself. Thanks everybody, that really cheers me up

With that I say see ya around!

I'll still probably spend much time in Skype, but don't expect me to reply right away, or at all. I'm trying to keep stress low. Also sorry for the lame, short post. I want to keep this short until I know more >_<
Jun 22 2014, 01:30 PM
Hey guys! Coming the next month, I wanted to invest in ordering a drawing tablet. However, when I was browsing the world wide web about tablets, I quickly got very confused for what I am looking for!

To the question at hand... Does anyone have experience/knowledge about Drawing tablets?
I would be very new to the subject, though I'd be willing to learn the basics of using one. So which ones would you recommend for a Neewb like me, and do I need any additional programs?
Jun 22 2014, 12:56 PM
Okay... Hm... This is going to be a difficult subject.

I noticed lately that the forum, while I was browsing... is having a few things out there that I, personally, am not okay with in a public place.
While I'm artistically okay with most things, I would like to know what the standpoint of each member is.

I will start by saying, Dark Soul, I know the game, I know the boss and while I don't mind the image on it's own, it's disturbing to scroll across on the forum. Please, could you just use something less... nude?
As a young woman, I find it really distasteful here in our forums. I don't mind your avatar though, if you're wondering. But I don't know where else to bring up the subject on it except for here, with giving you, and others, a chance to say something.

Going on with that, I find it nowadays very hard to avoid content. In media of all kinds. It is rather annoying, especially if you know it's only done for the 'looks'. I know it's hard to say, for every artist has their right to portray their art as they want, but where do we draw the line?
Also, do you guys think it's fine how the increase of nudism is treated in public?
I personally would say no. And while this may sound really old school, I think it's taking more negative effects on our community than good ones.
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