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I should update this is or something.
I'm Vance (or Van, or Vans, or Vansy, or Vansalon, or Air, or Airavon) a fifteen year old sociophobe. Most people call the condition social anxiety disorder, but I'm a phobia guy. My own issues prompted my interest in psychology, so I tend to study that freelance. Chances are if there's a phobia, I have at least a vague knowledge of it. Or most mental conditions, really.
Aside from that, I obviously like games, mostly first person shooters, action adventure, and most of all (Strategy) RPGs. My top three favorite games are The Last of Us, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
I appreciate gore. Lots of it. I'm virtually immune to "squick" and detailed depictions of blood and guts are right up my alley. I have a thing for blood especially, which is kind of weird but idgaf. I'm "that guy" in a group who always wants to see the wound when anyone bleeds, part morbid interest, part concern.
I have really bad self-esteem. Like, occasionally-consider-suicide bad. It's part of the reason I don't post much anymore; too busy being depressed or something.
I'm really hard to insult unless you know what pisses me off. Direct insults rarely provoke more than a shrug of the shoulders from me. If anything, I'm liable to agree with you. Incidentally, breaking the rules here is one of those aforementioned things. Don't. It won't end well.
Although I don't have consistent friends often, I'm extremely protective. Fastest way to start a fight with me is to hurt one of my few friends. Never mind that they can probably take care of themselves, I'm beating the shit out of their aggressor anyway.
As you would expect from a sociophobic vampire (no, I don't sparkle; referring to the modern definition of vampire) I'm into horror, whether it's playing, watching, or reading it. The uncanny valley is my definition of "cute" where others find it unsettling.
Hm. What else. Oh, yeah. Mostly obvious by my post count, I'm a vet here, two years this february. Honored Brigadier and Veteran, former moderator of the RP section (after I stopped running Forum Emblem for personal reasons and the section cooled down in general I wasn't needed). I can probably answer most questions about the site, especially if it pertains to the RP section.
Speaking of said RP section, I'm working on a guide to RPing designed to prevent people from falling into the pitfalls I've seen my friends fall into too often, such as over-ambitiousness, overly limiting player choice, and other such issues. Of course, since isn't complete yet, if you're an aspiring roleplayer with a question, feel free to ask. I can probably answer.
I'm also something of a writer, although I usually lose interest and never finish my stories.
Oh, and I'm obsessed with Lucina. Because this wasn't obvious.
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Jun 21 2014, 04:16 PM
Henceforth, I'm only here for the RP section. The rest of this forum is too full of duplicitous admins, liars, favoritism, and extreme over leniency.

I'm sure you're extremely happy about this, Dess. After all, I didn't "embody the TEB spirit" because I objected to people like Lancer.

In addition, while this is only relevant to RPers, I'm most likely moving my own RPs somewhere else where those inclined can continue to post. As of right now, Dreams of Freedom is more or less the only topic I care about on this forum.

I used to love this place as the friendliest Fire Emblem community, but that isn't the case anymore. Maybe I'll finally start lurking Serenes. Elitism isn't as bad as duplicitousness.

I would do some dramatic farewell and mention specific members, but anyone I care about has my Skype so we'll still be talking.

Signing out.

- Vansalon
Jun 3 2014, 06:28 PM

[Vansy edit: This is my story gods dammit, not Kiro's; make your own topic]

The Fair Kingdom of the Emblem Brigade. A peaceful land where any Fire Emblem fan could post, RP, and discuss. It was quiet and serene, safe from the turmoils of the Forest that lay far away, or the chaos that wracked the moving planet past the stars. It had gone through many rulers and monarchs, and the most recent is our Lord, glorious King Sqawl. He deposed a former noble, Sir Ezra, who had not been seen for many a time, and took the throne. He ruled with a gentle but just reign, keeping the trolls and the spammers, those evil beings few and far between in this fair realm, in check, and ensuring prosperity for all.

But one day, a storm came upon the kingdom. It was Lord Ezra, the noble and Administrator from times past! He was apalled at the quiet, peaceful realm the Brigade had lulled into, and he sought to bring it back to the frenzy of posting and discussion it was in the age referred to by the veterans as the "good ol' days". He assembled an army of posters loyal to the old ways and challenged King Sqawl, who summoned the Knights of the New Age to defend him. Sir Vansalon was among the first to appear at His Majesty's side, appearing from a cloud of darkness with his dread silver blade of activity in hand. With his comrades the General Ciraxis, the laid back Knight bblues, and the Muffin Savior Cero, he went to do battle with Lord Ezra and his minions, the loyal commoner Shamison chief among them.


Vansalon struck out first, delivering a terrific opening strike to begin the battle. Ezra's forces were hard pressed to counterattack, and he pushed them back alone in the early parts of the day, quickly outnumbering even the great Ezra's posts with his lightning fast connection and typing style. The Old Admin, Shamison, and their allies were dumbfounded at the skill of even this one foe. While other Sqawlian forces assissted in places and were invaluable, it was the Lord of Roleplays who led the cavalry charge. Soon, great and noble Ciraxis arrived on the field to reinforce Vansalon, and together they pushed the enemy back even further. Then, a ray of hope shone down on the battlefield, signalling a counterattack of Lord Ezra. The Creator Dess had joined the battle, siding with the ways of the Old Admin. But alas, it was not enough to stop the Sqawlian forces...

QUOTE (Ezra @ Jun 2 2014, 11:16 PM)
Team Sqawl: 331 posts today

Team Ezra:219 posts today

Team Ezra suffers 112 points of damage!

Total damage:

Ezra: 112

Sqawl: 0


In the dawn of Day Two of the war, when the brigadiers were still only rousing from sleep, the Creator Dess and the Old Admin Ezra awoke to prepare their ambush. They used the nigh-forgotten art of machine gun posting to form a rapid fire counterattack to the crushing defeat of the previous day. They struck a mighty blow on the morn of this new day, but then the Sqawlian forces awoke from the night's slumber. And they struck back. Once again led by the valiant Vansalon and the great General Ciraxis, the cavalry arrived, posting at a furious speed and quickly overwhelming the brief lead Ezra had taken. Soon, Ezra and the Creator also arrived to formulate a defense, but once again they found themselves faltering in the face of the mighty Sqawlian advance. Ezra himself suffered a terrible injury, forcing him to temporarily retreat from the battleground, letting the King's forces gain even more ground. Ciraxis was also thus wounded when the Lord Ezra, recovered from his wounds, appeared again to do battle, and Vansalon was briefly bereft of his companion, but still he defended the realm against the forces of Ezra. Other soldiers came and went, flitting on and off the battleground, but Vansalon stayed firm, never sheathing his batarangs and never stopping the perpetual clack clack clack of his mighty biceps. Soon, the forces of Ezra once again bore a full retreat, and the great Lord of Roleplays planted a trophy of his second victory.

QUOTE (Ezra @ Jun 3 2014, 09:54 PM)
1142 for Team Sqawl

858 for Team Ezra

288 damage to Team Ezra!

Total damage:

Team Ezra: 400

Team Sqawl: 0


After the defeats of the previous two days, morale fluctuated on the side of Ezrites. They had already suffered two casualties to the blade of the Lord of Roleplays, and they were wary of anymore falling. Regardless, they fought still, their resolve admirable, if in vain. The Third Day was a day of lull, neither side giving it their all in furious combat. Ezra himself was only intermittently present throughout the battle, and his forces were pushed back once again. However, They laid a trap for the Sqawlians, which detonated as night fell. It scratched Vansalon's arm, or something. Regardless of the minor damage dealt by the trap, the Ezrites were routed once again.

QUOTE (Ezra @ Jun 4 2014, 10:01 PM)
Team Sqawl: 253

Team Ezra: 189

Team Ezra takes 64 damage!

Explosions blow up and Team Sqawl takes 19 damage! ( the post was in the first event itself, and the deactivation code with lightning. )


Team Ezra:464 damage

Team Sqawl: 19 damage


It was a quiet morning as the armies assembled once again for their tireless battle. However, the soldiers showed signs of being tired regardless. Both sides fought with little ferocity compared to their normal furious might. The battle shifted as the day wore on; sometimes it was fought almost as much as in the previous days, sometimes the soldiers just decided to take a break. The day was something of a temporary truce, if you will. As night fell, both sides fell back to their headquarters to rest and heal, binding their minor wounds and then retiring for the night.

QUOTE (Ezra @ Jun 5 2014, 10:21 PM)
Team Sqawl: 82 posts!

Team Ezra: 60 posts!

Team Ezra takes 22 damage!

Both teams heal 10 damage!


Team Ezra:476 damage

Team Sqawl: 9 damage.

Jun 3 2014, 09:15 AM
I know Aura is reading it / has read it

but does anyone else even know what this is? I'm curious
Jun 2 2014, 06:59 PM
so yeah, standard pmu rules, but they're a little weird for Radiant Dawn

because of the strange way the game is formatted in terms of unit availability, there will be several groups of picked units

In addition to the Lords for each part, I get 4 others which are chosen, except for Part 4 where I pool the choices

for characters who are in multiple parts the choice carries over and they can only be picked once

I get one pick myself, so I'll take part 1 Ilyana~

EDIT: I forgot there are a few part 4 specific units, so I'll add slots there that can only be used on a unit that can only be recruited in part 4.

Part 1:
1. Ilyana
2. Vika
3. Leonardo
4. Fiona

Part 2:
1. Brom
2. Danved
3. Kieran
4. Lucia

Part 3:
1. Gatrie
2. Lyre
3. Oscar
4. Reyson

Part 4:
1. Oliver
2. Ena
3. Pelleas
4. Renning
Jun 2 2014, 05:29 PM
By "Saga" I mean the Archanea games, Jugdral games, etc

To make it easy, here they are:

Archanea: FE1, FE2, FE3, FE11, FE12, FE13
Jugdral: FE4, FE5
Elibe: FE6, FE7
Tellius: FE9, FE10

damn Archanea and it's remakes


my favorite is Tellius; has my favorite world and my favorite FE game
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