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Jun 21 2014, 02:06 PM
Do you have something you need to tell me?
Jun 6 2014, 03:06 PM
Cero got me in the mood for this sort of thing, so...

FE7. Eight units. Me. You. Let's do this.
No funky shenanigans this time; just vote for whether I go through Eliwood or Hector mode (hard) and gimme a unit!
No Lyn mode.

Mode votes:
Eliwood: ЖЖ
Hector: ЖЖЖЖЖЖ

0 Eliwood/Hector (depends on mode)
1 Isadora
2 Dorcas
3 Sain
4 Legault
5 Nino
6 Wallace
7 Fiora
8 Wil
Jun 2 2014, 01:21 PM
shameless excuse to rack up post count

I may or may not only be doing this for gold..

I'm not naming any names.


I am annoyed by the fact that post count and gold means so much to some members around here.
It used to be funny, but it has since transcended into "... seriously?" territory.

If I see anyone saying that they are just posting for gold or post count again, then I will subtract that post from their post count and remove the gold that was earned for making that post.
To members who are doing this: stop. Fake internet money and a number seem to matter more to you than the fact that you are adding to the discussion wherever you post, which should be the more valuable thing.

Gold is a neat distraction, and it is very fun to see who can get the most posts, and I do plan on trying some new things based on these systems in the near future, but in the end they're just numbers. Don't make it the reason why you're here, and don't potentially make others feel used by posting in their threads just so you can increase your numbers. You can get tons of posts and gold /without/ hanging a lampshade at every turn.
May 28 2014, 09:49 PM
... 'cause a sqawl's blowing in!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghast asked me to post the thread!
vote for your favorite or the best entry!!
don't vote for yourself!!!

voting ends 2 Jun(!)!!!!

my vote goes to Orange!!!!! well done!!!!!!
strong showing by everyone though!!!!!!!
May 27 2014, 10:37 AM
I'm playing FE:A Lunatic... and setting myself a few conditions.

·I'm typing flavor text to keep myself interested (also the reason why I'm posting it here, because posting stuff usually inspires me to do it more).
·I probably won't be using second-generation units.
·I'm prioritising fun over logical decisions, concerning raising units. This will likely be my downfall.
·Limited grinding/paralogues.
·A large chunk of the cast (mostly whomever I don't use) will be dying. No more Frederick by ch 10 (or 15 if I get desperate).
·I cannot wait past level 15 to promote tier 1 units. Tier 2 units must be reclassed upon hitting level 15 and can't go through the same class twice (this includes returning to original class). If I can't reclass them, they have to be benched until I can.
·I'll probably let people decide half or so of the units that I use/kill off.
·If a unit dies during a chapter and the death isn't game-ruining, I must try and continue despite the loss.

I also probably won't finish this, but hey! I'm bored enough to play lunatic in the first place.

Ch0: I forgot the Chapter's Name Already... the Edge of History? Hedge of His Story? Yeah let's Go with That
Flavor: Pre/mid-ch

Okay, so like, you see, I'm like, totally shooting lightning from my hands with this awesome book, and I've got, like, you know, a sword. Then there's this evil blue guy and he's all GRAAGGGGG and I'm like BANG POW KABLOOIE! and he's like AARRRRGGHHHHHHH I'M MELTING!!!!! and then without pausing to breathe I'm like ZAMN! ANOTHER LIGHTNING BOLT STABBING STRAIGHT THROUGH THIS OTHER DUDE!

"I see you're awake."
Dammit, it was just a dream.
Wait, I know what's happening now... I must be these people's bondage slave. One of them tells me that the ground is no place to sleep on, but I'm pretty sure that that was his idea.
"You alright?"
"Y-yes... Thank you, Chrom."
"Ah, then you know who I am?"
Oh, merdo. Did he ever tell me his name or did I just overhear it while... WAIT. I'VE GOT IT.
"No, actually. I... It's strange... Your name, it just... came to me..."
"... Hmm, how curious."
... probably shouldn't've mentioned "coming" of any sort.
"Tell me, what's your name?"
"Well, Chrome, you can call me Ceramic Titanium."
"You don't know your own name?"
"I'm not sure if..." Dammit, he isn't buying it. I guess I already tried using my superhero name sometime before. "Where am I, exactly?"

"Hey, I've heard of this! It's called amnesia!"
Ohgeez will you take a gander at this woman's pouty-face it's pretty rich. She must have practiced that one in the mirror. The thing on her head must be a bondage strap, confirming my fears: I'm the property of these roving sex-beasts.

"I'm Frederick."
"B-but it's the truth!" The strong arm of the group is on to me. Crap, I'll be back in the dungeon by nightfall...

"What if it IS true, Frederick?" Chrome has a point, your omnipotence.
"What sort of Shepherds would we be then?" As I said, a trio of roving sex-beasts.

"I'm Frederick." He seems to agree.
"Right then. We'll take him back to—"
"Wait just one moment! Do I have a say in this?!"
"Peace, friend— I promise we'll hear all you have to say back in town. Now come."
You aren't going to make this easy, are you? "What will you do with me? Am I to be your prisoner?"
"Hah! You'll be free to go once we establish you're no enemy of Ylisse."
"That name's an anagram for 'sex cult' in your language, right?

"I'M FREDERICK." He's riled.
"Frederick, please. This land is known as the Halidom of Ylisse."
"See, Frederick? Chrome here has all of the reason."
"Ignore my brother, please. He can be a bit thick sometimes. But you're lucky the Shepherds found you."
It's time for me to get to the point. "Alright, vixen, enough dancing around the meatloaf. Just tell me where the sheep costume is so we can get this over with..."
"... Um, sorry. Anyway, my name's Sqawl."
"Sq... Sk... Squ... Skaw... Is that foreign?"
"... Nichol. My name's Nichol."
"... Ah."
You know, this is some relaxing piano music. Mind if I take the vinyl for a spin someti—
"Damn it! The town is ablaze!"
I hope it's a dragon.
"I'm Frederick!"
"Let's go already!"

It isn't a dragon. Unfortunately.
"Nichol! You followed us?"
Nice try, Chrome. You would just track me down if I ran away. "I don't quite understand myself. But I'm armed... and dangerous."
"Of course— strength in numbers. Just stay close!"

"I'm Frederick."
"And I'm Skeletor, overlord of evil!"
"I thought you said your name was Nichol!"
"I know kung fu."
"... Magic. I know magic."
The armored titan seeming amicable enough, I've elected to just stand in the cool shade provided by his horse.
"Right! We'll see who's delicate!" You're talking about me, right? My body's pretty dainty, after all... but you probably already know that.
I watch the mountain run over some guys wearing skulls as hats.
... Ooh, there's something shiny!
"It's nice having strong people like you around. Can we team up next time?" Oh, heavens, it was a trap. The vixen's already marked me for the slaughter... or worse.
"Certainly! I'll devise some strategies and drop by later." All I can do for now is appease her.

I attempt a bait-and switch strategy like none seen before, but the mountain magnetises all.
"I can feel a huge difference!" Chrome's stroking his bare arm, which appears to be tattooed on the shoulder. I've allowed him some time under the mountain. I don't know whether I distrust the mountain or the vixen more, but being out of harm's way is likely the best idea for now.


Naming my avatar/tactician/maiyunitto Nichol.
Asset Res; flaw HP.
Frederick Emblem as usual. I managed to kill two brigands with Chrom at the get-go and bait a few more to get Chrom a level-up!
I gave the sparkly things to Lissa/Nichol, which ended up giving Lissa a bit of exp and LissaNichol relationship improvement point-things.
I don't trust the boss's crit rate. Fred with Nichol's sword goes up against him. Heal abusing with Lissa gets a level for her.
GUESS WHO LANDS A CRITICAL. Fortunately, Fred survives and Chrom gets the finishing hit on Garrick. ... Fred levels up.
Heroes: Chrom and Fred.

Flavor: Post-ch

"But holy wow, Nichol! You were incredible! Swords, sorcery AND tactics! Is there anything you can't do?"
"I can't speak in Comic Sans, for one thi—"
"You're certainly no helpless victim, that much is for sure."
"I'm Frederick."
"I understand your skepticism, Sir Mount— Frederick. But please, believe me. I—"
"You fought to save Ylissean lives. My heart says that's enough."
I imagine that I'm not comfortable with anything your heart says.
"I'm Frederick."
"Frederick, the Shepherds could use someone with Nichol's talents." I could swear that Chrome actually said "It's alright", but I must have hallucinated. I'm probably drugged anyway.
"Would you really have us lose such an able tactician? Besides, I believe his story."
"Th-thank you, Chrom."
"So how about it? Will you join us, Nichol?"
"Do I even have a choi— er, I would be honored."

We talk about Plegia and suddenly we're headed to the capital! Hopefully I can stop by the Chromington Monument or something. I bet he's some sort of prince.

Ch1: Unwelcome Chains— I mean Change
Flavor: Pre/mid-ch

Night is falling and I'm still not in a dungeon. I count this a victory for the books.
"Ech, the bugs are out!"
"Actually, your brother's been out all d—"
"Aw, come on, Lissa. Hardship builds character."

"Are such horrific creatures commonplace in these lands?!"
"They're not from Ylisse. I promise you that."
"Ah. I already knew that you had high standards, but these guys /are/ pretty good at groaning, so I thought maybe..."
"I'm Frederick!"
"Hm? Are those...?"
"I'm Frederick."
"I see. Abandoned sex dungeons. Then we should take shelter in them whenever possible. No doubt they will offer distinct advantages in battle."
I knew I'd have to acquaint myself with a dungeon sooner or later... Oh w— hey. A dude stabbed me... wait, that means that the mountain was felled.
"No! Not you, Nichol! Open your eyes! OPEN YOUR EYES!"

Death can't free me. I'm obviously cursed to experience this over and over. Knowing that the mountain isn't invincible, I'm actually afraid now.
"I'm Frederick." The mountain's words are always reässuring. I guess I'll try just staying behind with the vixen again this time?
Must've been the right choice, because I found a LOG in the abandoned dungeon this time! ... Or rather, Chrome found it, but it was my tactics that led him there.
"Captain Chrom!" A horse lady, and she seems promising. She also seems to have a noble servant of some sort. She talks about kicking ass and taking names, her servant presumably talking about kicking names and taking ass. She's immediately commanded to join the huddle of non-mountains, of course.
We're surrounded by five of the abominations now... But the terrain is on our side! Maybe. The mountain bravely stands in the northern dungeon while the huddle retreats... Oh geez there's an axe in me! Luckily, the woman-knight's servant is now with me for some reason, so I pickpocket his healing poultice.
Another axe! And I think the cavalier died or something.
"I'm... Frederick..."
... Oh, no. That isn't good.
"Mountai— gah!" I do the only logical thing: suicidally attack the enemy leader so I can try again and save the mountain. I know now that he needs me as much as I need him.
"Our every move shall be a saga in the making! The bards will swoon." Manservant is proposing to fight by my side. Hopefully he's more trustworthy than the vixen.
"Nngghh... Aagghh..." Some descriptive last words as the enemy leader breathes his last.

I paired up FredNichol and put them on a dungeon fort. Fred still has that sword. ChromLissa go out of range behind them.
Enemy phase; Fred dies. Nichol dies on the same phase. Restart.
Pairing up FredChrom this time. Chrom finds a log on the fort before defending against the enemy fighter with a rapier crit. SullyVirion get paired and Nichol finishes a Fred-weakened enemy.
Sully dies.
Fred dies. Restart.
Got a seed of trust from one of the sparkly things this time. Hopefully I get to keep i— nope. Nichol gets one-rounded by a merc. Restart.
Some transfer juggling to heal people using Lissa paired up with pretty much everyone. NOW THAT'S STRATEGY. Frederick Embleming it a substantial amount more this time. Nichol manages to get a level (still his first— it'll be a long road to level 10).
Lissa heal-abuses herself one level more and Fred finishes off the boss. I tried to get the boss in a place where someone else could finish him, but I wasn't about to risk being critted on the counterattack.
Heroes: Chrom and Fred.
Restart count: 3

Flavor: Post-ch

"I'm Frederick."
"You saved my sister. Thank y—"
"You may call me Marth."
"Marth? After the heroic king of old? Where did you learn your way with a sword?"
"I'm not here to talk about me."
He's here to talk about his kinky plans with that mask, isn't he? I'm surprised that Chrome is feigning ignorance here.
"This world teeters at the brink of a horrible calamity. What you saw tonight was but a prelude. You have been warned."
"Huh? What's teetering where now?!"
"Not much for conversation, is he? ... Actually, you know what? He's probably just pulling some 'myseterious' act to get close to—"
"I'm Frederick." The mountain makes an excellent observation as we continue to Chromington, D.C. Or maybe Frederickton, since the mountain pretty obviously deserves to be the king or whatever of this place.

"Remember to take breaks!"

I'm going to be using Miriel because I have never used her before, but I'll likely also use one other unit from ch 2. So who's the lucky one who gets not-left-for-dead?
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Haaaaappy Birthdaaaaaay, Sqawl!!! *jumps on Sqawl's head* ^w^
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