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Nov 8 2015, 05:32 PM
This is going to be a poll/discussion topic about your favorite weapons to use in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Of the weapons I like, I prefer claws. with blades being a close second. There's nothing more satisfying to me than being able to tear apart my enemies like tissue paper.

I specifically like the Viridi Claws, mainly because of the great melee power and the added Paralysis effect. (However, I can't seem to make the specific pair that I really want.) If anyone has a weapon gem for a good pair of Viridi Claws to send to me, I have a great Laser Staff Gem or Lancer Staff Gem that I can give you in return. (The only downside to my gem is...well...You'll need quite a few hearts to get the weapon. Totally worth it, though.)

In terms of blades that I really like, I tend to make good use out of the Aurum Blade.
Oct 25 2015, 11:05 AM

Yes, that's a move...

This thread is for video game screenshots you have taken that made you laugh.
I encourage you to post what screenshots made you laugh...Even if we don't find them funny.

I posted this one because:

Cuddles: I'll back you up with my Swagger, Hiryu!

Well, considering my leader, Hiryu, is a Level 100 Dragonite with Haxed stats, (Possible to do legitimately in the Mystery Dungeon games because there's no limit to how many Sitrus Berries, Life Seeds, and Stat-Boosting Drinks you can use there. Heck, Wonder Gummi drinks even boost stats by +3 in Explorers of Sky, and that's not even counting the extra boosts provided by Miracle drinks.) Cuddles should've just said he's along for the ride, being a Level 30 Shieldon and all...As such, I find it funny.
Sep 5 2015, 08:46 PM
Okay, my first try at creating custom weapons was a bit of a disaster. So I'd like to try and give it another shot. Since I tend to get carried away when working on multiple weapons, I'm only going to post a few at a time.
Well, here goes nothing:

Weapon Description: Dark Wolf Blade. +5 to Strength.
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Rank: S
Uses: 25
Range: 1-2 *1
Weight: 11
Might: 18
Hit: 85
Crit: 10 *2

Special Notes:
*1: At 2 range, the user casts Fenrir using the sword's power.
*2: Crit is ignored when Fenrir is being cast.

Other Notes: This sword will probably seem unoriginal to those of you who have played Lunar Knights. Well, you'd be right. This is a blatant reference to the Dark Sword Vanargand that Lucian uses in that game.
All shameless references aside, I also intended to make this sword have Dark Magic properties from the start. After brushing up a bit on my Norse Mythology, I decided to use Fenrir for the long range magic attack because Vanargand is, in fact, another name for Fenrir, the wolf that would kill Odin during Ragnarok. (Or so it was foretold)

Weapon Description: Eagle Bow. +5 to Skill.
Weapon Type: Bow
Weapon Rank: S
Uses: 25
Range: 2-3
Weight: 9
Might: 16
Hit: 90
Crit: 10

Notes: This bow is a reference to Hresvelgr, a giant who took the form of an eagle. Surprisingly, his name literally translates to "Corpse Swallower."
Aug 16 2015, 09:58 PM
So, I was watching a few clips from Family Feud on YouTube, and it reminded me of when I'd watch it with my family, as well as when I'd play it with at my grandparents' house on their Super Nintendo. (The SNES version actually has a rather forgiving text parsing system, maybe a bit TOO forgiving...especially if it lets you get away with answers like THESE.)

Anyway, this made me think about other game shows, they all had moments where people were laughing like crazy about one of the answers or something. So, it made me ask, what game show moments made YOU laugh?

#1 on my Top 10 Funny Moments, interestingly enough, didn't come from a funny answer, but instead from people REFUSING to answer a question!

"We asked 100 married men: Which of the Seven Dwarfs best describes your wife in bed?"

One moment where I'm glad I'm single...At least for right now...

To be honest, if I was asked this question, and refusing to answer isn't an option, I'd do what the marine did and say that I'm only answering to get something up on the board.

My second favorite game show moment did come from a funny answer, though. (Also from Family Feud)

"Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house?"

The First Answer?

Needless to say, his opponent had the same exact reaction I did, too. That was why I found this funny.
Jun 27 2015, 11:51 AM
Gotten all of the achievements and you're STILL bored with your games?
Here, you can take challenges people have presented to this thread, or present new challenges for others to try.

1. The goals set in each challenge must be feasible enough for one to beat with proper practice, whether it takes a day or a week.

2. PM me before posting challenges which require the use of cheat codes. I will see to it if your request sounds reasonable enough, or point you in the direction of someone who can help test out your request.

3. It is not required, but it would be helpful to test your challenge first before posting it in this thread.

1. You must announce that you will take the challenge. The announcement must be made IN THIS THREAD!

2. You must accomplish ALL of the goals listed within the challenge. (This should go without saying)

3. Do NOT resort to the use of cheat codes unless said challenge requires you to do so.

4. You MUST provide video evidence of your success, if able. Commentary is not required during the actual run, but I would advise explaining the details of the challenge through the use of commentary. Post a link to the video. I prefer to use YouTube for this endeavor.

5. If you are playing any of the games on an emulator, you are not allowed to use savestates while you are undertaking the challenge.

So, to start things off, I'd like to post a challenge of my own. It's something I've wanted to see someone do successfully:

Game: Mega Man 4 (NES)
Stage: Wily Castle Stage 1
Challenge Format: Met Run
Goal: "Clear the stage without taking damage! Kill as few Met-based enemies as possible!"

Met Run Rules:
1. You cannot take damage.
2. You cannot use Charge Shots.
3. You must tackle the stage Buster-Only, save for areas in which this rule would conflict with other rules.
4. You must kill every enemy that is not a Met. You may use Robot Master Weapons to do so, but only if it is completely necessary.
5. You cannot kill more than 5 Met-based enemies, not counting the stage boss. (I'm pretty sure the minimum number of Mets you are forced to kill via rule 7 is smaller than that, but I chose 4 as the limit to be lenient. That was usually how many I felt I was forced to kill, but you may be able to prove me otherwise)
6. If you can avoid a Met, you must avoid it. Robot Master Weapons and utilities will be allowed should there be no other way to avoid a Met.
7. If a Met can't be dodged even with Robot Master Weapons or Utilities, then you have to kill it using the Mega Buster.
8. If a Met that you were forced to kill drops an item, you must pick it up.
9. I will not count luring a Met into a bottomless pit as killing it. That's usually how I get past the first Met in the stage, and sometimes how I deal with the second.
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