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Jun 12 2015, 07:45 PM
So after going through about two months of development hell for my thesis as well as perhaps the lowest point of my life, I've finally submitted my paper in (meanwhile giving up all hope on it ever getting published). I have now return with vengeance cupcakes and meatballs!

And I see this RP is still going no where.

Edit: And also the contest.
Apr 16 2015, 11:02 PM
Extracted and edited from my post at Paizo:

As an exercise, I'm trying to rationalize the economy in my own home brew world. I'm modifying and changing a few things instead of sticking with the whole Pathfinder economy since it doesn't work well with the Craft skills and my homebrew world doesn't have that much gold laying around in forsaken dungeons and dragon lairs.

Some facts about the home brew world:
The world is mostly inhabited by low-level NPCs (Level 1~4). There is a number of mid-level NPCs (Level 5~8)and some higher level NPCs (Level 9~12) running around but they are mostly monarchs, leaders of organizations and scion of powerful beings. There are very few high level NPCs (Level 13~17) but they are legendary characters and probably won't ever appear in the campaign itself unless the PCs try to take over the world. Characters beyond 18th levels are currently non-existent.

This is a low-to-mid-magic world. The highest level spell available are 4th level spell while the highest level divine spells are 5th level spells. It doesn't mean that higher level spells don't exist, it just means that they are beyond the reach of the PCs and the rest of NPCs unless they can cast these spells themselves.

The world is constantly besieged by the low level monsters. Goblins, boggards, kobolds, orcs and the like. Nothing too serious... yet. The nations of the world are holding them off well on their own.

I'm using a modified version of the Crafting rule based on "Making Craft Work" by Spes Magna Games. No more 20 weeks full plate! Note that this doesn't change how much you earn when you use Craft skills as a means of earning money.

I'm currently making silver pieces the dominant currency. 10 copper pieces still equal to 1 silver piece, but 1 gold piece equal to 100 silver pieces. Gold is only ever traded between the wealthy and powerful while everyone else uses silver pieces for trade. Platinum pieces is not used for trading at all, though platinum itself is used in making jewellery.

Summary: 1GP = 100SP = 1000CP

Price of Goods and Services:
Price of mundane items are now reduced by one step. For example, a longsword is now 15sp instead of 15gp and an anti-toxin is now 50sp instead of 50gp.

Price of precious stones, gems and other valuables are reduced by one-tenth in gp. An exotic white pearl that usually costs 100gp is now 10gp. But that's still 1,000sp! Trading in large amount is usually made either in gem stones or trade bars (silver and gold, light and standard). Paper money don't exist... but there are trade organizations that are willing to give out promissory notes.

Magic items remain priced in gp. The rarity of spellcasters (especially artificers) in general make them one of the most sought commodity among the rich and powerful. However, I'm thinking of making scrolls and potions cheaper so that it is affordable - something like a 90% discount on its price. A potion of cure light wounds would be priced at 5gp instead of 50gp, but when you factor in the fact that 5gp is still 500sp...

All magic items now require the expenditure of XP, at a rate of 10% of the price of the magic item. You CAN lose your levels for creating a magic item too powerful.

Cost of living:
Stolen directly from Ultimate Campaign and slightly edited:
Destitute (0 sp/month) - For the beggars, the homeless, and those who can't find work and have no money.
Poor (3 sp/month) - For those who have little money to spare and no work (or only work a few days in a week).
Average (10 sp/month) - Most of the world. Even an untrained labourer who are willing to work lives off in this category.
Middle-Class (50 sp/month) - For the well-trained experts, warriors and adventurers.
Wealthy (100 sp or 1gp/month) - For the 'petty' nobles that control small towns and your well-to-do merchants.
Extravagant (1,000 sp or 10gp/month) - For the nobles that control large cities and extremely savvy merchants.
Royalty (100,000 sp or 1,000gp/month) - Royalties only.

How I got the cost of living:
I actually ran a simple simulation for NPCs (excel ftw!) to earn their keep and see where most of them would fall into in terms of lifestyle. Craft and Profession are interchangeable in this case. Here's some of my notes:

Untrained Labourer: Takes 10 in Craft check with +0 bonus. Earns 5sp/week or 20sp/month.
Trained Labourer: Takes 10 in Craft check with +4 bonus. Earns 7.5sp/ week or 30sp/month.
Expert Labourer: Takes 10 in Craft check with +11 bonus. Earns 10.5sp/week or 42sp/month."
Master Labourer: Takes 10 in Craft check with +15 bonus. Earns 12.5sp/week or 50sp/month."

Common Households
2 parents and 3 kids:
Parent 1 (trained labourer) - Earns 7.5sp/week;
Parent 2 (untrained labourer) - Earns 5sp/week;
Kids (2 untrained labourers with young template, youngest one is not earning) - Earn 9sp/week.
This household earns 21.5sp/week or 86sp/month with an upkeep of 50sp/month for an average lifestyle. The family has a monthly leftover of 36sp."

The Business Class
The merchant running a smithy
Assume that the smithy is operated by a blacksmith and his three apprentices, with the following bonuses: +15, +6, +6 and +2. The smithy can churn out 11 martial weapons and 3 simple weapons in a week. Assume that the products were all sold at the end of the day, it would yield the business around 171sp. Minus the cost of goods and operation (56sp for the materials+34.5sp for the smiths), the smithy would have earn a gross profit of 80sp a week or 320 a month. As the merchant runs the store front, there is no additional cost for a store clerk."

(Note: Yes, yes. Running a business is more complex than this. But for the purpose of this exercise let's just assume that he has a fixed buyer that is willing to buy everything he produces. I also haven't calculate the upkeep of maintaining the smithy itself and paying for taxes and such.)

The Ruling Class - Nobility
Small town with 1000 population
Head Tax - 1sp/head = 1,000sp/month
Income Tax - 2sp/working adult (assume 75%) = 1,500sp/month
Entry Toll - 1sp/head (assume 150/day) = 4,500sp/month (I'm probably pushing it)
Commercial Tax - None (to increase commerce/traffic) = 0sp/month
Private Income = 1,000sp/month
Total = 7,000sp/month"

(Note: I haven't calculate how much COST is involved in running a small town, so this will have to do for now. This involve costs such as maintaining the town infrastructure and his own manor, hiring and paying for his guards and employees, expanding the town, pay for a spell or two (Plant Growth comes to mind), etc. Also note that I do consider the noble is taxing the town in excess.)

About Magic
Magic Items
A longsword is 15sp. A masterwork longsword is 315sp. A magical +1 longsword is 2031gp, and costs 1015gp, 203XP and two days to create. Because of its price and XP cost, only the more - if not the most - influential figures may commission these magical weapons to be made."

(Note: It's a low magic setting, and i need an in game reason to keep the production of magic items low. Price is one, XP cost is two. This will definitely make scribe scroll and brew potion more valuable though because of the 90% discount. Then again, there aren't that many spellcasters around anyways.)

Spellcasting services.
Caster Level x Spell Level x 50sp.
Note: arcane spellcasters may charge higher than usual due to their rarity and persecution in some areas. divine spellcasters may substitute tithing or special services as payments instead, divine spellcasters may waive a portion of the payment if service petitioner is of same faith;

Level Arcane Divine
0th 50sp+ 25sp+
1st 100sp+ 50sp+
2nd 600sp+ 300sp+
3rd 3000sp+ 1500sp+
4th N/A 2800sp+
5th N/A 4500sp+

Cost of some items:
Clothing: Artisan’s Outfit (1sp), Commoner’s Outfit (5cp), Peasant’s Outfit (1cp)

Farm animals: Cattle (50sp), Chicken (1sp), Donkey/Mule (8sp), Duck (2sp), Goat (6sp), Oxes (24sp), Pig (10sp), Sheep (20sp); Note: animals can be sold off for meat at roughly twice their original prices. Younger animals are sold off roughly at a quarter to a half of their original price. Animals listed here are of average quality and size.

Foodstuff (1 pound): Beans (2cp), Cheese (2cp), Chicken (2cp), Citrus (3cp), Coffee Beans (1sp), Flour (2cp), Honey (1sp), Maple Syrup (1sp), Olives (3cp), Turnips (2cp), Wheat (1cp)

Herbs and Spices (1 pound): Allspice (1sp), Chocolate (10sp), Common Herbs (Garlic, Mint, Mustard, Oregano) (5cp), Uncommon Herbs (Basil, Cinnamon, Clofes, Dill, Nutmeg, Rosemary) (1sp), Rare Herbs (Cardamom, Chillies, Cumin, Fennel, Ginger, Pepper, Vanilla) (2sp), Saffron (15sp), Salt (5sp), Tea (Common) (1sp)

Metal (1 pound): Copper (5sp), Coal (5cp) (10lbs), Charcoal (3cp) (10lbs), Gold (50gp), Iron (1sp), Marble (5sp), Masonry Stone (5cp), Silver (50sp); Note: A standard trade bar weighs 20lbs. Therefore, a trade bar of silver is worth 1,000sp or 10,000cp while a standard gold bar is worth 1,000gp or 100,000sp. A lighter standard is available and weighs 10lbs. Silver light trade bar is worth 500sp while gold light trade bar is worth 500gp or 50,000sp.

Textiles (1 square yard or 1 pelt): Cotton (8sp), Thin Leather (5cp), Thick Leather (3sp), Linen (4sp), Fox Pelt (5sp), Mink Pelt (3sp), Rabbit Pelt (1sp), Silk (10sp), Wolf Pelt (4sp), Wool (6sp)

Services (per person): Road or Gate toll (1cp); Doctor (1sp) (does not include medicine), Laundry (1sp), Lawyer (Competent) (3sp), Messenger (2cp/mile), Nurse (7cp), Sage (15sp/day), Scribe (Text) (1sp), Scribe (Map) (10sp); Slave (50sp+)

Inns: Inn (Poor) (1cp), Inn (Common) (5cp), Inn (Good) (2sp), Suite (Small) (4sp), Suite (Average) (16sp), Suite (Good) (32sp), Suite (Luxurious) (64sp+).

Drinks: Ale (4cp), Mead (5cp), Wine (Common) (1sp), Wine (1lbs) (10sp); Coffee (Common) (2cp), Coffee (Fine) (5cp), Milk (4cp), Tea (3cp)

Food: Bread (2cp), Chesse (1cp), Chocolate (5sp), Honey (1sp), Maple Syrup (1sp), Meal (Poor) (1sp), Meal (Common) (4sp), Meal (Good) (8sp), Meal (Fine) (15sp), Meal (Banquet) (30sp+), Trail Rations (per day 0 (5cp)

Alchemical Items: Alchemist’s Fire (20sp), Acid (10sp), Dye (1sp), Soap (1cp), Oil (Lamp) (1cp), Oil (Kerosene) (5sp), Vermin Repellent (5sp); Antitoxin (50sp), Smelling Salt (25sp);

Others: Bear Trap (2sp), Candle (1cp), Firewood (per day) (1cp), Fishhook (1cp), Bell Net (2sp), Butterfly Net (5sp), Fishing Net (5sp), Heatstone (20sp), Lamp (1sp), Map (50sp), Steel Mirror (10sp), Torch (1cp), Hemp Rope (50ft) (1sp)

Mar 29 2015, 03:26 AM
There was a Chinese FE hack called Fire Emblem: Will of Good and Evil where they mixed up FE characters into Sacred Stones (even Celica from Gaiden made it into the game!). I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I make a translation for the patch. And if anyone is interested, I will continue with the translation.

Before I begin, I have to clarify something. I am also known as "Silencedfaith" from Fire Emblem Spritez, FESS AND FrozenDarkness so if you've been to those sites before, yes I am he. So, all I'm doing is just picking up a way overdue project (and I need something to do during Easter since I'm not going anywhere for the holidays) and not copying another dude's work (cause, copying your own work is just crazy).

And yes, after re-reading some of them I've decided that I will need to put more effort into it and probably redo the whole translation. Ah well.

Translation for Nino pic:
Valter: Lady Nino, everything went according to Boss's plan.

Do a simple search on youtube if you want gameplay videos.

Fire Emblem: Will of Light and Evil
LAST UPDATED: July 28 2008
The newest version of the hack is 1.4

Currently Done:

Support Conversation:
Brunya x Eirika (C,B,A)
Eirika x Ephraim(C,B,A)
Idoun x Sophia (C,B,A)
Nergal x Tethys (C,B,A)

Main Menu [First time]:
New Game
Extra Contents

Main Menu [After having a saved game]
Continue Last Save
Load Saved Game
Copy Saved Game
Delete Saved Game
Start New Game
Extra Contents

Here’s the catch, when you’re choosing the difficulty for the new game, choose *only* Normal or Hard, which is the second and third option respectively. There is a bug on the Beginner difficulty or the first option that will NOT allow you to advance the game at all during the second chapter.

Prologue: Fall of Renais

Within Renais:
Soldier: Re-Report! The defense of the castle gate has been breached! The Grado Empire’s army being led by Emperor Vigarde are within the castle walls!

Eleanora: Is that it…

Soldier: Our garrison has fallen… We’ve also lost contact with Prince Ephraim who went to the front lines. The reinforcement probably will not be able to… My Queen, if this is to continue…

Eleanora: It looks like this is it. Order your men to lay down their arms.

Eirika: Mother…

Eleanora:Eirika. Are you wearing the bracelet I gave you?

Eirika: Yes, I have it right here.

Eleanora: Good……. Brunya.

Brunya: Yes. (Literal translation: I’m here)

Eleanora: Take Eirika and head for Felia. Seek the aid from Queen Yuno. She will keep you safe.

Brunya : Understood. But My Queen…

Eleanora: I shall stay here. The Grado Empire is among our dearest allies but yet they still act as such…. I must… ask him personally… The destruction of Renais is my responsibility. It is I that cannot protect the home that my husband lofed so deeply.

Eirika: It isn’t like that… Mother… If Mother stays here then I too shall stay.

Eleanora: Go, Brunya.

Eirika: Mother!

Brunya: Princess Eirika… please make haste!

Eleanora: Ephraim, Eirika… You must survive.

Outside Renais:
Younger Sister Guinevere: General Brunya!

Brunya: Guinevere, you go ahead and bring word of our coming to Frelia. If you’re alone, it will be easier to avoid detection by Grado’s men, at the same time this will also help us greatly. Remember to convey to the throne all that has happened here and petition for reinforcement.

Younger Sister Guinevere: Yes! Understood!

Brunya: Princess Eirika, we too must… !

Valter: Oh~~ Two such beauties. You…Is the girl beside you the princess of Renais? Hm Hm, it seems this is my lucky day. Both of you surrender quietly now… I’m very soft with women.

Brunya: !

Valter: My name is Valter, the Moonstone. One of Grado’s generals. You? Ah I see, you are the legendary leader of the Four Heavenly Kings of Renais, Brunya of the Violet Star… You are even more beautiful than I thought. Hm… From now on… You are mine!!!

Brunya: Ah… !

Valter: Oh? After suffering such terrible wounds… I still cannot… Run, run! I await the day we shall cross path again… Brunya, my sweetheat.

[Before mission starts]
Brunya: Princess Eirika, over here. Grado’s men are out of sight. We have come so far… we should be safe for now.

Eirika: Are you okay, Brunya? If you are not there to help me, I can’t even escape from the palace… it’s all thanks to you that I am still alive. I am very thankful for all you have done. You suffered such injuries just to protect me… We must find a place to tend to your wounds.

Brunya: These wounds are nothing. But Princess Eirika, we must get to Frelia immediately. We cannot let the Queen’s sacrifice to be wasted like this.

Brunya: The Queen and Prince Ephraim are both very strong-willed. Even if their opponent is the emperor of Grado, they should be alright. Princess Eirika, you should focus on our own situation, instead of theirs. If something were to happen to you, they would be filled with grief… In order to see them again in the future, we must get to Frelia as soon as possible.

Eirika: You are right. I must be strong, until we are all together again.

[Mission Starts]

Brunya: Once we cross that bridge, we will be in Frelia. Some distance away from the border is the fort of Mulan. Let us go, Princess Eirika.

Brunya: Princess Eirika, just for safety’s sake, please take this rapier. Even if something were to happen to me, you can still go to Frelia on your own…

Grado Soldiers: Don't think you can get away from us, dogs of Renais!

Brunya: It’s the men from Grado… Princess Eirika, please stand back.

Eirika: It’s alright, Brunya. I learned some swordplay from my brother. I will fight with you!

[After finishing both enemies]

Brunya: Now there’s only the enemy officer left…

Grado Officer: What… How dare you… Damn! If that is the case, let me personally take care of you!

[Battle with Officer]
First Time: Let’s start from you…

Death: How… How can this be…

[After Battle]
Brunya: Princess Eirika, are you hurt?

Eirika: Ah… It’s nothing… I am alright, Brunya.

Brunya: But you look pale…

Eirika: It’s alright, it’s alright… So this is how it feels in a real battle.. It feels completely different than sparring with brother and Lyon… You will not survive if you don’t defeat the enemy. A sad world where power is the only thing that one needed to survive, a world where the heart matters not… Why did Grado wanted to have war…

Brunya: Princess Eirika…

Eirika: … It doesn’t matter. I won’t lose. Let’s go Brunya, before we can go back to our home, our country, before we can see mother and brother again, I will never give up.

[End of Prologue]

[Support Conversations]
Brunya x Eirika

Rank C
Eirika: Brunya, how is the situation? Things are doing well I hope.
Brunya: Yes, it’s alright I suppose, please out your heart at ease princess, I will not allow the enemy to approach you.
Eirika: Ah, Brunya… you, you’re hurt?
Brunya: It’s nothing, just a little scratch.
Eirika: No Brunya, let me tend to your wounds.
Brunya: Princess, this…this is just a little scratch.
Eirika: No no, your arm… take off your clothes, I’ll rub some medicine on it.
Brunya: Princess Eirika…
Eirika: Good, this should be enough… please rest for a few more days, please take care from now on.
Brunya: Yes princess… My apologies, I should take my leave, and, thank you for your kindness.
Eirika: Brunya…

Rank B
Eirika: Um… Ha! Brunya?
Brunya: Princess, I’m sorry… for interrupting your practice.
Eirika: It’s nothing, you have been standing there, what are you thinking?
Brunya: No, nothing… I’m just out for a walk.
Eirika: Brunya… I’ve always wanted to ask you… Did you… have a lofer?
Brunya: Princess, this… Why would you ask me of this?
Eirika: No… I’ve just heard that…
Brunya: Yes… I have a lofer in the past.
Eirika: I heard that it’s a general from the empire…
Brunya: Yes.
Eirika: ……
Brunya: Yes… But in the end…In the end we still….
Eirika: I had heard about it too…
Brunya: True… In the end…We all went for our own path….until today. Thinking back, I didn’t really have much wisdom back then.
Eirika: Brunya…

Rank A
Eirika: Brunya…
Brunya: Princess Eirika?
Eirika: I’ve wanted to tell you this since sometimes ago…
Brunya: Princess, please say it.
Eirika: After the war ends, can you please stay by my side?
Brunya: Of course, I am the Prime Minister of Renais, I am also your vassal, continue to stay by your side and aid you is a matter of fact.
Eirika: No, what I meant wasn’t like that, what I meant was…
Brunya: Princess?
Eirika: To tell the truth, for all these years… I have always looked upon you as my older sister, not a vassal, I wished that our relationship can continue like this.
Brunya: Is that right, princess…
Eirika: I hope that you can always stay by my side, like my sister… no, not only like a sister, but that… that kind of relationship…
Brunya: But princess…
Eirika: Brunya… promise me, this is my request as the princess of Renais, also as your younger sister. I don’t care what others will say, I only wish… Only wish that you will hug me… From the time when I was still a little girl, I have been hoping for a day like this… Even if we’re both females, but where there is lofe, others can be ignored.
Brunya: Princess, I…
Eirika: Don’t give me your answer so quickly… but… I hope that you will… from now on…call me… Eirika.
Brunya: Yes, Eirika…
Eirika: Brunya, can you kiss me…?
Brunya: Yes, princess,no… Eirika.

Eirika x Ephraim

Rank C
Ephraim: Eirika, you there?
Eirika: Oh, brother…
Ephraim: Don’t push yourself too hard, this place… is a war zone after all, girls aren’t really suitable to be here. I really hope that nothing will happen to you.
Eirika: Yes… I understand. But I won’t leave. I want to fight by Brother’s side. I still lofe… Brother…
Ephraim: Eirika…
Eirika: Ah! Brother! you!
Ephraim: Don’t worry, don’t be so nervous. This is not a romantic kiss, it’s like when I kiss you good night when we’re younger.
Eirika: Don’t, don’t be like that. Others will see…
Ephraim: Oh? I’m sorry. Had I been a bit too sudden? When we’re small we’re used to do this all the time, it became habit without me realizing it…I felt like we’re happier back then.
Eirika: Even, even if it’s like that you have to see where we are… We’re… no longer children. Even though we might feel it’s nothing, but if others see we’re so close they might talk about us…
Ephraim: Really? Actually, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It’s only a way siblings show their lofe to each other.
Eirika: No, it’s not like that. I didn’t say what Brother did was wrong… Even if there’s someone to be blamed, it was me.
Ephraim: Eirika, why the sad face so suddenly?
Eirika: No, no I am not.
Ephraim: Haha, you’re the cutest when you’re blushing. Never thought that a simple goodnight kiss would…
Eirika: Ah, Brother! You’re so bad…

Rank B
Eirika: Ah…
Ephraim: Eirika, don’t be scared. Just now what I did I have nothing else in mind. But I just couldn’t stop myself. Just now those Empire soldiers with their wretched smirk… I couldn’t even think of what will happen if you fall in their hands.
Eirika: No, Brother! Please don’t come any closer, I’m afraid… I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself.
Ephraim: Oh, you’re not scared? Then why did you run from me? You’ve scared the hell out of me. If I’m late for one second… You better not join the battle from now on, I fear that I won’t be able to watch over you every single minute.
Eirika: Then what is the difference? Being insulted by those people… It is the same as my body being stolen by a person that I do not lofe.
Ephraim: What are you talking about? What are you thinking? Why did you resign yourself to your fate? Look at youself, do you look like my sister anymore?
Eirika: Sister? In the end… I’m just your sister. It seems our fate is sealed. But I was so… not satisfied! This is not what I want! Even if there’s more lofe between us… In the end, there won’t be any ending.
Ephraim: Is that it? Because of this you just let yourself go? You’re a fool! I thought you would be as strong as me… Looks like even if we’re twins, there are things that is different. There’s no difference between you in the past or the present… still a child that have to be taken care of!
Eirika: No… It was you Brother! It was you who have changed! The old you would never hide your feelings. Now you know how I feel… but you fear to recognize the fact. Don’t you know how painful my heart is?
Ephraim: Eirika… I… Actually… cannot bear the burden of your lofe.
Eirika: Brother?
Ephraim: In my heart… except on wanting to rebuild Renais, the thing that I cared most is your feelings. You feelings for me, do you think I as your brother would not know? But I cannot react as easily… Don’t you understand? All I want is to let you have a normal person’s heart. A normal life, a normal smile, even lofe.
Eirika: Brother…
Ephraim: Yes, I did promise myself this. So I’ve been trying very hard to make sure our relationship stays as siblings. Even if you will hate me. Even if I know that my reject will cause you pain. I made myself do it… But, just now when you were attacked, I suddenly realized that I’ve been lying to myself all along. I cannot live without you. Laughable, but it’s true… From that moment onwards I’ve finally know how important you are to me.
Eirika: Brother…
Ephraim: Was I that cold towards you?
Eirika: It’s not like that… I… I don’t know that Brother is sharing this pain too… I’ve been so stubborn, and chose such a way for revenge. I am a bad girl, Brother must have me now…
Ephraim: Stupid girl, how could I hate you? I’ve been lying to myself too. No matter, I won’t leave you ever again. Even if we’re really siblings, nothing can stop our lofe! Tonight I want you to stay with me.
Eirika: Ah, Brother!
Ephraim: Call me by name, Eirika…

Rank A
Eirika: Brother, please wait.
Ephraim: Eirika? How was it? You shouldn’t go around like that, the battle isn’t over yet. I told you, this place is very dangerous and you shouldn’t run about everywhere. Why are you smiling? Was there something on my face?
Eirika: Brother… You’re really… Sometimes you’re so slow. Even since we’re young, I have to keep reminding you of everything. Don’t have any self awareness.. I have already been.. by you…Never mind then. Just think that I’ve been thinking too much…
Ephraim: Eirika… What is it? Umm… There was something about you…Can it be… you… you… have a…?
Eirika: Stupid… How could I tell you about such a thing… Because, it didn’t come for a long time…
Ephraim: …
Eirika: Brother… Brother…what’s wrong? You don’t like it? you’re saying… you don’t…
Ephraim: Ah! Really? I’m going to become a father? This is good news! Why didn’t you tell me earlier, Eirika?
Eirika: Ah, be careful…
Ephraim: Oh,sorry. I was just too happy, couldn’t control myself. I see that you did not have much spirit lately… I thought that you were sick… You made me worried, even if we can’t marry, but please let me take care of you…and your child…from now on… We’re going to be together forever.
Eirika: Yes… Brother! No… Ephraim…

Idoun x Sophia

Rank C
Sophia: ……
Idoun: Sophia.
Sophia: Ah, Mother.
Idoun: What is it? Thinking of something?
Sophia: Ah, no…Um… Yes.
Idoun: You’re thinking about your father.
Sophia: ……
Idoun: I know, you have been thinking about your father. But when you see that I don’t want to talk about it, you never asked.
Sophia: Mother… This… It’s, it’s just that it had been a long time since I see father. This… I… It’s only… topic… er… It’s just that it had been a long time since I see mother… so… I want to find a topic so that we can talk… I am not… thinking of… er…
Idoun: Fools… We are both fools…
Sophia: Mother… Why do you say that? Is it… Um… Father he is… that… type of person?
Idoun: Sophia... I am sorry. This is a bit sudden… I… don’t want to talk about this…
Sophia: Sorry… I… I too don’t really wish to know…
Idoun: ……
Sophia: ……
Idoun: Seems like we have to continue the fight. We shall talk about this next time…
Sophia: Mother…

Rank B
Sophia: Rick-Rack-Ra-Rack-Rylack… Infinite god of Hades, by my name, come before me as promised. Eternal darkness, eternal death. Grant all lives equal destruction, rest in peace. Forbidden spell, End of World!
Sophia: *pant* *pant* Mother… it was close… to success…one tenth the power of… Forbidden spell-End of World…
Idoun: …… Your improvement is well above my estimation…I start to understand Nergal’s words, even with his strictness he still call you a prodigy…
Sophia: *pant* *pant* but mother… If this spell is forbidden, why must I still practice is…You usually don’t allow me to… learn the ancient forbidden magics…
Idoun: This… This… Your father…let me taught you…
Sophia: Um… Mo-mother… you… said this is… Father…
Idoun: He said this forbidden spell will one day… I too don’t quite understand how he think of this, I am just following what he told me.
Sophia: Mother…
Idoun: … During that time… why did he left…
Sophia: Mother… Are you alright?
Idoun: He and my lord… that night...what did they discussed about?
Sophia: Mother!
Idoun: Ah… It was nothing… Sophia…
Sophia: ……
Idoun: You go and play… I want to be alone for a while…
Sophia: Ah… Alright… I’ll go then.
Idoun: That Forbidden spell… you and I created it…Then, I was already confused about your intention on why you want to create such a spell. And… you want your own daughter to learn it… You had always been so kind… why…

Rank A
Sophia: Ah… Mother. That forbidden spell… I completed it… Even though I could only practice it in one tenth of its original strength, but in reality… I think I could unleash seven tenth of its power… I…
Idoun: My foolish child…
Sophia: Mother?
Idoun: You were his child after all… This kind of magical potential… mother… I am… You have grown up… without me noticing…
Sophia: Mother… Father he is…
Idoun: He… he is a Mage Fighter. And was also… my companion…
Sophia: Ah… I’ve heard from Mr. Nergal…Both of you, Aunt Brunya, and two other uncles, once defeated a very powerful force of darkness.
Idoun: It’s all in the past. Sophia, I am not a human being.
Sophia: ……
Idoun: So you too are not a complete human being, you are mixed heritage between a human and a dragon. And I am a dragon.
Sophia: A dragon…In the past, Mr. Nergal once told me...
Idoun: Hmph… It’s different from the dragons he talked about. I came from another world…I am a demon dragon…
Sophia: Demon Dragon…
Idoun: After coming to this word, I went berserk, and spread destruction, at this time, my prince and your father appeared, they were the one that stopped me, and pulled me back from that condition. After I regained control, in order not to become berserk again, I sealed my own power. Until once, someone reawakened my power within my body.
Sophia: The Demon Dragon…
Idoun: Then, I once again, become the Dark Demon Dragon…
Sophia: ……
Idoun: But, in the end I was still saved by my companions, although the price was that I lose all the power of a dragon. But I never regretted it, because I could finally live as a human in this world. And then, your father and I wed, finally, we have you.
Sophia: Ah…
Idoun: Your father however, was not a person that could resign himself to a peaceful life. After you were several years old, he left home alone and I never heard anything about him after that. I only remembered what he said to me before he disappeared: When Sophia grew up, you must let her learn that forbidden spell, it is very important for us.
Sophia: That Forbidden Spell… Is father’s…
Idoun: Yes.. and I… don’t know why he created that spell…
Sophia: Then… then… Father… What kind of person is he?
Idoun: Him? Hmph… in short, he’s a pervert. A light lolicon.
Sophia: Ah… pervert… lolicon…
Idoun: Don’t think about that lolicon Ojisan in the village. He would only become very ‘interested’ when he saw teenaged girls. Even after our marriage,he would still take walks in front of the gates of girls-only schools…
Sophia: …… And mother you let him do all that?
Idoun: Impossible. Because of this I showed him his place several times. But he’s a good person… Never had a hidden motive, all he did was for his dreams and friends. Maybe that was the reason why I fell for him.
Sophia: Thank god…
Idoun: Why?
Sophia: Mother you don’t hate father… Thank god…
Idoun: I…
Sophia: Mother… About that… You want to see… father?
Idoun: Just so so. I know he is very busy, must be doing his own things.
Sophia: Father…
Idoun: Don’t worry, we’ll meet again some day. If he knows that his daughter had grown up to become such a beautiful young woman, no matter where, he would fly back.
Sophia: Haha…

Nergal x Tethys

Rank C
Nergal: Tethys. I told you, do not follow me.
Tethys: What can I do, I just lofe to be with grandpa. After all, for a dancer like me… If I don’t follow you, where can I go…
Nergal: Ah… It was my fault, I shouldn’t have let you remembered those unhappy times.
Tethys: It was nothing, I like the work of a dancer. It’s just during… that… time…
Nergal: That time…
Tethys: During that time, Ursula had also grown up to be a beautiful girl… We still don’t have a home, going here there and everywhere just to survive. I dance while she plays the flute, two girls trying their hardest to fill their bellies. Until that day… We were just about to be beaten to death, you came.
Nergal: True, that time both of you have caused trouble to a rich man.
Tethys: After that, I lost all of my confidence. I always thought that I can at least live peacefully in this society. But only then, I discovered that I’m too weak, even couldn’t protect my own sister…
Nergal: After that you decided to follow me. Heh, funny, I left my own home because I am not as good as my colleagues.
Tethys: What? You too are a weakling?
Nergal: No one is born strong. That was why I wished to obtain the power of God.
Tethys: … Even when I’m listening, a normal person such as I cannot understand…
Nergal: Correct. That was why you should leave my side.
Tethys: No… no… When a woman had made her mind, it is impossible to change.
Nergal: And you can provide nothing to my plan…


Tethys: Can this be considered help?
Nergal: Tethys…

Rank B
Tethys: One Thousand Years old! Stop kidding me! How can a human live for a thousand years! Do not think of me as a child!
Nergal: It was true. I have been living for a thousand years.
Tethys: Then, then… What was it with Marika? Don’t tell me she too had lived for a thousand year!
Nergal: During that time her mother have to abort her, I used my magic to forcefully remove her and sealed her. I have only unsealed her 20 years ago, only then could she live as a normal person.
Tethys: … There were such things in the world… This is, this is… so shocking!
Nergal: Hmph, there are more surprises this world can offer than you could imagine.
Tethys: … Doesn’t matter. It’s nice too even if you live for another thousand year. When I’m old, you can take care of me. And, you can also remember me forever. Now that I think of it, one thousand years later there would still be someone remembering me. Good, very good. Isn’t it?
Nergal: …… I give up… It’s all up to you. Heh, this is getting interesting.
Tethys: Eh? What did you say?
Nergal: I said I am slowly interested in you.
Tethys: So! You are going to accept me!
Negral: No. It’s just that I will let you be my concubine for now.
Tethys: Concubine? I want to be your wife!

Rank A
Tethys: Hey Grandpa… I want to listen to the stories about your wife.
Nergal: About her…
Tethys: Was she beautiful? How about when she was compared to me?
Nergal: About that. You have your own uniqueness. Before I become famous she was already by my side. She was of the Ice Dragon Tribe, we met each other when I visited the tribe. After that, we have a lofe with not so much element of romance.
Tethys: Ice Dragon… I heard you said it before.
Nergal: After our marriage we lived a happy life, and she got pregnant later. But at the same time, the dragons on the continent started to become berserk…Of course Aenir wasn’t spared, in order not to affect the child, she decided to give birth to the child earlier.
Tethys: That’s why Marika…
Nergal: After Marika was born, the number of times she went berserk increased… And I couldn’t control her any longer, in the end, to protect me from harm, she chose… to commit suicide.
Tethys: ……
Nergal: I was regretful. I cursed myself. I felt my weakness! Felt my powerless! From then onwards, I have sworn… to become strong… I want to have power. The power to change everything. That was the resolution that has kept me sane for these one thousand years.
Tethys: Before you… get those kind of power… I hope to be able to replace Aenir
Nergal: ……
Tethys: I don’t regret for my own choice, I don’t regret for falling in lofe with you. You were the first one to make me feel that you are a man that I can depend on.
Nergal: ……
Tethys: A thousand years ago, you lost everything, and today, you have more. You used years to start the Magical Research Association, your students, these are all those that you can cherish! And… You have me… These few years having been together, slowly increase my lofe for you from just mere thanksgiving to true lofe. I hope that you can leave the shadows of the past, and start anew.
Nergal: Tethys… You are a good girl…
Tethys: I’m not a girl! I’m a woman! A woman…
Nergal: Hehehe, to me you can be my great great grand daughter. But, you are a good woman. After you little speech, it makes me feel better.
Tethys: That’s very good. We shouldn’t dwell in the past, we all have to see what is in front of us. Another thing! Remember not to act like an old man! From now on I will be your wife!
Nergal: Ah… alright, alright. Now, let’s go have some rest tonight, we are both tired.
Tethys: No! I want it tonight…
Nergal: Ah… Tonight… I’m afraid this old body won’t make it…
Tethys: It must be tonight… I want to see how good you are in that, you thousand-year-old monster….
Nergal: Ah… At least let me take some pills…

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Just a bunch of stuff that I've actually uploaded over the years. A large chunk of them are missing (PC died before I could save them) but I guess this is a good place to start.

FE Thracia style

FE GBA Style

Other Styles

Mini Mugs

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Anyway, my interest is mainly in splicing and custom mugs though I have issues with making full custom sprite sheets (too much work). I also run traditional RPs and the ones emulating FE (Map, stats, calculation, the lot).
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