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Aug 5 2016, 12:25 AM
Hmm. I haven't been on for a while but everything still seems nice. Just wanted to start a chat here for anything you want. So... Yeah.
Jun 14 2016, 03:10 PM
NOTE: This is just me ranting, so please leave if you don't want to read this lol.

So today, I just started playing FE6, and I'm really disappointed at how ridiculously hard it is.

The hit rates in the first few chapters is so annoying. The characters have pretty decent skill, but they still only get like a 74 or 86 % chance of hitting, and sometimes they even miss... I mean, come on. In chapter 2, when Dieck joined my team, he had a 84% chance against an enemy, Soldier, who had an 58% chance to hit. Well, Dieck missed BOTH times, and the enemy soldier landed a hit on him. I swear, I was so pissed of when that happened. How does that even happen!?

Especially in Chapter 4, you only get to use like what, 10 or 12 units? And the enemy has like 40 units and they bum rush you so hard. I probably just suck at the game, but I found that extremely annoying. Most of your units are still weak and slow, so you need like 4 people just to kill one enemy unit. What's even worse is that almost 90% of the enemy are cavaliers and nomads. During that time, only two of my units could double them: Roy and Dieck. The rest of my units can only deal like 6 or 8 damage once... I just found Chapter 4 really, really, REALLY annoying, because you get bum rushed so hard. Another annoying thing I found was Alan and Lance's growths. Alan is strong but extremely SLOW. Lance is extremely WEAK but fast. When I was playing, I leveled Alan up to level 6 by Chapter 4 and he STILL had not gotten any speed! I don't know if it's his growths, but I find it really annoying. Up to Chapter 4, I leveled lance up to level 5 and he only got Strength once...

Finally, Chapter 8's boss was ridiculously HARD. I know that Roy has a Rapier, but it only has 5 might and Leygance uses Lances... I tried going for a strategy, by attacking Leygance with Roy with a Rapier and Oujay with his Armorslayer, and since they lose a lot of hit points from Leygance's attacks, I put Clarine and Ellen behind them both. But, since I'm an idiot, I forgot that Leygance had a Javelin, which resulted in Ellen dying, and me having to start all over again (cause I'm a perfectionist and I can't let anyone anyone die, especially a healer)... One last thing, the units coming out from the stairs for 4 straight turns was really annoying.

To me, FE6 is just ridiculously hard...

Thanks for reading my unimportant rant, even though you probably just wasted 10 minutes of your life! Lol
Jun 13 2016, 07:40 PM
Who do you think has the best battle and critical animation in FE7?

My personal favorite is Lyn's animations as a Blade Lord.
Jun 13 2016, 07:34 PM
Ever since I've played FE7, I've been wondering...

Is Lucius a man or a woman?

Jun 13 2016, 07:32 PM
What class do you like Ewan as? Sage, Mage Knight, Summoner, Druid or a Super Trainee?

I personally like him as a Druid.
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